Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tongues are waggin'

MLB TradeRumors says we are pursuing Dan Uggla, Nick Johnson, and Adrian Beltre.

ExtraBaggs has a look at options that wouldn't cost a draft pick: Orlando Hudson, Miguel Tejada, Jermaine Dye, and Johnny Damon.

Haft-Baked is stuck on Yorvit Torrealba.

Mr. Haft's regular piece on the website mentions Mark DeRosa.

My favorite line from that article is "After ranking 13th in scoring, 14th in slugging percentage and 16th in on-base percentage last season, the Giants realize that almost anybody would represent an upgrade." (Emphasis mine.) Now THAT'S a rebuilding philosophy!

I never trust the words that come out of Mr. Sabean's mouth, but he indicates he does NOT want to trade pitching (i.e., JSanchez, MadBum) for a hitter unless it is a "sure thing." (Like, er, Ryan Garko?) I feel the same way. I think we have to have both lefties in the stable. You could make a case that we have our 5-man ro already set with MadBum, and don't need to chase after old guys like Brad Penny. But I think Boch & Sabes would soil their nappies at the thought of a Bum & Buster battery every 5th day--much, much too young and lacking in veteran savvy clutchness for the big leagues.

The hot stove won't really start heating up until next week. Dust off those keyboards, lads, and give me some solid reasons for going after player X and player Y, or trading/not trading player A or player B. After all, we are looking to replace some stiffs with some not-so-stiffs, and expecting our historically awesome pitching to stay that way, so I don't expect any dramatic moves. Try to avoid those Euguenio Velez-for-Evan Longoria fantasies, mm-kay?

UPDATE: I would like the Giants to STOP messing with Pablo Sandoval. Give him a job--a permanent position--and be done. If he's our 3B, then don't chase a FA 3B. If he is our 1B, then stick him there and leave him there. He's our best hitter! Build the team around him, don't treat him as a fungible commodity and figure you'll "find a spot" for him. And FanGraphs takes a look at Joe Crede and Dan Uggla if you are curious about what people think of these guys.


Zo said...

I agree, up to a point. If an awesome third baseman were available, Pablo could play elsewhere. That's called flexibility and it is a good thing. However, that does not mean downgrading the defense all over the infield to shift people around, such as Freddie Sanchez to third, someone else at short, someone else at second and Pablo at first.

Bob said...

Hi boys, I'm back from 2 weeks in Asia Minor. I would recommend it, especially if you like yogurt.
Let me try to refocus. Evan Longoria is good, right? I think I heard of him.
Nah, I'm pretty useless in the hot stove phase of the baseball year.
(Is Joe Mauer good?)

Zo said...

Chron today reports that Sabean says the Posey is not ready to be the full time catcher. Before anyone works themselves into a lather, read the full account here: