Thursday, February 25, 2010

The San Francisco Orange Sox

Bill Neukom is a "retro" kind of guy, it seems. After all, how many chaps these days sport the bow tie? Now he's imparting his sartorial sense to the ballclub. The orange jerseys are back, as well as the orange-billed caps. I wore the orange-billed cap with pride "back in the day," and there wasn't much to be proud of, as I'm sure we all remember. The orange jerseys? I played for a slo-pitch softball team in 1981 that wore orange jerseys with black lettering, and I loved that we had Giants colors, but somehow orange looked better on beer-bellied guys with aluminum bats who threw underhand. I'm not buying it for the big squad. But the innovation that's got some internet buzz is the striped stockings. Yes, we are going to see black hose with orange stripes! That I can get behind. Once Barry went to the full-length trousers look, that became the fashion all over baseball. A few guys did the high socks thing, like JT Snow and Marquis Grissom, but the cool, young dudes all wanted to be like Barry and went with his no-socks-showing style. Tim Lincecum is a good example, it's hard to imagine him with stirrups. Matt Cain, on the other hand, country boy that he is, shows off the black lycra, and that's just how he rolls, dawg. I think he'll look great in stripes.
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JC Parsons said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if Tim and Matt "swapped" socks for a day? Tim with the tall stripes and Matt with the lowdown look.
It seems like someone with a big knee lift coud really benefit from big o' orange stripes.

Bob said...

Happy Birthday Brother Jon. I love you.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks, Bro! Right back at ya!