Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Slow news day

Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports talks about Tim Lincecum losing some oomph on his fastball in "Lincecum is no speed Freak." Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk references that article in his "Lincecum's velocity is down and it probably doesn't matter." He's The Franchise, as we well know, and if he has a pimple we'll want it on the front page. Even the Giants website wants to talk about off-speed stuff ("Lincecum shakes rust off curveball"). Like I said, it's a slow news day.

p.s. Reader and commenter "Anonymous from Jersey" sent a very cool sketch of Matt Cain! T'anks, mate!

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Ron said...

"Lincecum is no speed freak ... "

"Tim's velocity is down ... "

I was hoping that these stories were about his driving speed, not his fastball velocity. No more brushes with the law for Tim.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you. If I have time to draw anything else whenever, I'll send it to you. But regarding the fastball, it doesn't scare me. He hasn't pitched in months so naturally he has to readjust. Besides, Greg Maddux relied on control and location to win ballgames. If you ask me, the best pitchers need to have those things, but Tim here seems to possess both and so quickly. I often see Timmy getting compared to Roger Clemens, but I see a little Maddux rising out of him. Wow, this team really is becoming the Braves from the 90s. Go Brav-just kidding. Go Giants!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Two Cy Youngs, a heaping pile of dollars, and a pot faux pas means Tim gets a lot more attention than he used to. Slacker-dude or not, I'd like to think he'll learn to manage that part of being a major-leaguer as well as he has the on-field part.

I'm not worrying about his fastball--I'm wondering what amazing, Freak-y thing he's going to do this year.