Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wishes for '010


I love this time of year, and specifically this day, for a couple of reasons (besides the obvious one). Although the calendar doesn't agree, Spring begins today. One look out my window confirms that; its a gorgeous day after a big storm. A day full of fresh life and promise. The other great thing about today is (again "official" sources will contest this, but I "know" it to be true) that Baseball starts! As I'm sure no one (except MOC) noticed, I took the off-season OFF. No posts; few comments. I take my breaks seriously. However, today is when I re-enter the fray. The day when "it" all starts, perhaps the big "it" in '02 with the almost big "it."

In honor of this occasion, I have bestowed upon myself THREE BIRTHDAY WISHES (baseball related):

1) As I am the resident Freak-aholic, my first wish is Tim related (big surprise). This wish is simple and probably unnecessary. I wish that nothing derail him from his continuing growth and domination of the league. How will that manifest itself? That's the beauty of Lincecum; you never quite know what he is capable of. Another Cy? Hell, that seems easy. What about an MVP? How about a new pitch? There's already talk about his curveball. In other words, I wish that Tim keep right on being Tim... and I get to watch.

2) My ever-loving wife always helps with my posts. At this point she said "You need some offense, I'm just sayin'." So true, so true. Therefore, my second wish is for every young guy on the team have a great offensive year. (Sorry all you savvy veterans, no birthday wish can help you, so I won't waste it on you. You are on your own.) It looks like Nate is getting his chance in right, which is exciting as all hell. Let's not stop about Bowker taking over for an inevitably lame Huff at first after about two months? Or, if you prefer, you can substitute Lewis and DeRosa in the last sentence. And, of course, Mister Posey will displace Bengie well before the fun days of September.

Which brings me to #3. How about a little help out there? Maybe some of you slackers, notorious for no comments on the weekends, can do it for the birthday boy. Which brings me to the following question...

What do you wish for the 2010 S.F. Giants?


M.C. O'Connor said...

The old, overpaid guys get pushed to the bench to make way for the 'new wave' of youth, upside, and talent.

But I'll settle for a new GM.

And Happy Birthday, me bucko! (Nice to see a different by-line on the blog, too.)

M.C. O'Connor said...

Pablo Sandoval needed glasses last year and now he has them.

I can hardly fathom this. A baseball wnderkind shows up out of nowhere and dazzles the NL with preternatural hand-eye coordination, and it turn out . . . wait for it . . . he can now SEE BETTER.

What do I wish for? That everyone else on the squad gets their eyes checked and fitted with glasses, goggles, contacts, or sent to a LASIK clinic as needed. Fer chrissakes, how can an eye exam NOT BE ROUTINE for MLB teams?

Bob said...

I wish for Jonathan Sanchez to have a strong year from beginning to end. I wish for Freddy Sanchez to get well soon and to play like the type of pesky little infielder we all love to watch. I wish for Buster Posey to bend the learning curve and become a major league all-star caliber player.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr.JC. I'll send another picture eventually of someone Giants related as a birthday gift (tomorrow is my Grampy's birthday so you're gonna have to wait). I wish that Madison will be amazing, at least for a rookie (like Tommy Hanson was last year). The other pitchers don't worry me but if our #5 guy can be great, it will solidify the fact that we are the new Braves.

Anonymous said...

Since it is your birthday I hope you get your wish OF AWSOMENESS FOR THE GIANTS.... Happy birthdah Jonny Boy!

JC Parsons said...

@MOC and SIR: Thanks for the great dinner and swag-fest. Anybody that makes me look good at Taboo, is a true friend.

@our new friend from New Jersey: Thanks for the well wishes and especially for joining the RMC family. I look forward to your comments all season.

@Rube: I hope the Giants are as Awesome as you!

Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Jon! Sorry for the weekend non-posts, but we are always so darn busy on the weekends.

Wishes? How about we get off to a dreadful start? Then, on May 1 or thereabouts, Neukom becomes Interim GM, & Ron Wotus takes over as Manager. Naturally, non-playing personnel are insructed to wear bow ties on the field, & the Players must wear them for airplane trips. On May 2, Buster Posey is called up, plays every day, & hits .320, with 20 HR & 90 RBI in just 5 months. The Team becomes so inspired, improvement begins immediately, & bolstered by the inexplicable July 31 trade of Bengie Molina (who hasn't started a game in 3 months) for Derek Jeter, we rampage to the title (and, by 'title', I mean the BIG ONE).

M.C. O'Connor said...

Derek Jeter?

Ron said...

Sure, why not? We get a perpetual top performer, a post-season fixture, & greatly improve an important position. (I did say 'inexplicable'.) Let me put it to you this way - Which is more unlikely? The Coaches wearing bow ties on the field, or the Giants getting Derek Jeter?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Odds of getting Derek Jeter:

1,000,000 to 1

Odds of getting Hanley Ramirez:

100,000 to 1

Odds of bow-tied coaches:

1,000 to 1

M.C. O'Connor said...

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs does a run-down of the 06-09 drafts.

We did well, as we know.