Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost Tim

About a week ago, I threw out my back. As many of you know, a back spasm can be everything from a temporary annoyance to a life-altering catastrophe. Luckily I improved quickly, so I've been running at about 80% for the last five days...pretty good but I can't wait until I get back to normal. Today in Pittsburgh, Tim Linceum pitched like I feel.

In a strangely important game so early in the season, Lincecum threw his ninth quality start of the season and kept the Giants in a fabulous game that the good guys ultimately won. Tim was relatively effective - seven innings, 113 pitches, three runs, six hits (including a damaging 2 run homer), a respectable six strikeouts, and perhaps most importantly, only two walks. This breaks a nasty streak of five walks in the last four games for Tim. Unfortunately, both of these f*cking walks led off innings and scored! It also seemed like Tim started every batter off 2-0 but maybe I'm just remembering that wrong. Basically Tim was solid today, but he sure never got his "freak" on.

And that's sorta how I feel. Pretty capable, but waiting for the moment when it all becomes possible again. Big improvements are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but they sure aren't satisfying. Maybe Tim and I just need to do a little bit more Chi Gong....


M.C. O'Connor said...

Great game, today, just a great game. It was very, very close. It could have gone either way, but the Giants pulled it off with FOUR sacrifice flies. Lincecum was not particularly sharp, but he was effective. I realy liked it when he struck out the next two guys after the HR.

Bob said...

One day in the 8 spot seems to have shamed the Panda into a turn-around.