Friday, June 11, 2010

De-Funkifying Tim

Clearly showing signs of returning to his ace status, Tim Lincecum snapped off eight quality innings for the victory as the Giants throttled the A's 6-2 this evening. It started off slowly for Tim - giving up a leadoff double that didn't score but another run that did thanks to two wild pitches! I admit that I was fearing the worst...sorry, but Tim hasn't been oozing confidence lately and I panic easily. Tim got through the second and third innings, but he did give up a walk ( his only one!!) and the gratuitous stolen base ( 14th this year ), so I was still pretty cranky and expecting the worst. I was scared.

Then, in the bottom of the third, Pat the Bat hit his first homer as a Giant and gave Lincecum the lead.

Evidently that made Tim feel ever so much better. He proceeded to rip through the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings in order ( getting 11 in a row ). In the seventh he gave up a hit to break the nifty streak, but then produced a double-play grounder immediately. Finally, he gave up a hard hit ball ( a triple ) and another run in the eighth, but by that time the game was already in control. Tonight's performance may not jump out as one of his greatest: 8 innings, 2 runs, 7 hits ( only two XBH ), 1 walk and 7 strikeouts, but it sure might be one of his sweetest. I am a whole lot less scared.

There is no doubt that it is awfully hard to stay a contender with Tim in a funk.

Here's to the end of the Freak Funk!! Be Gone and Never Return!!


Bob said...

If he can't win wearing the orange jersey he can't win at all.

Zo said...

I think the softball jerseys and the orange billed caps suck.

JC Parsons said...

We do seem to be tough in the orange. I tolerate the retro look because it reminds me of Jack Clark.
Buster sure made some nice defensive plays last night. If he keeps this up, they may consider keeping him at would lengthen his career.
Yet another great job by Uribe. He didn't get the long ball but he got on board in front of them. Slick defense too.

Anonymous said...

I wish I saw. Extra Innings always picks the wrong games to not air.