Monday, June 28, 2010

DP downer

The Giants offensive woes were woefully offensive tonight as they hit (and ran) into FIVE double plays. Oh, that's right, I said I wouldn't discuss our offense anymore. After all, it is what it is and we are what we are. I don't see that changing much.

Barry Zito (Game Score 56) matched Chad Billingsley (Game Score 55) for six innings, but that was not enough for the Giants. Santiago Casilla gave up a two-run homer to Casey Blake in the 8th and that was the difference. The Giants generated a little drama in the 9th, Uribe walked and Rowand singled with one out. Buster Posey was sent up to pinch-hit and he worked Kuo for 8 pitches before finally striking out on a ball out of the zone. It should be noted that Bengie Molina went 0-3 on 11 pitches. I cannot see how the Giants justify giving Molina starts behind the plate. Eli Whiteside is running out a cool .834 OPS, and even a struggling Buster Posey (.719 OPS) is out-hitting "Big Money" (.647 OPS). Time to sit no. 1 down explain the facts of life. Dammit, there I go again talking about our offense!

So let's talk about the bullpen. On the surface, things look pretty good. Only the Phillies have pitched to fewer batters (790 to 876) and only the Padres have given up fewer runs (72 to 78). Including tonight, Giants relievers have given up 16 HR in 205 IP (0.72 HR/9, 6th), and teams are hitting .245 (T4th) against them. Walks have been a problem, as 4.46 BB/9 is tied for 11th place in the NL. We can go up and down the list and dissect the various individuals, and that sounds like a good post for the All-Star Break. The problem, of course, is that the Giants play an awful lot of close games, and mistakes in the bullpen are killers--like tonight. Rarely do the Giants enjoy a run cushion and rarely can the Giants survive a shaky relief outing. Since I said I wouldn't talk about our lack of offense, I'm done here.

Matt Cain tomorrow--let's hope for some better luck, eh?



Anonymous said...

One more loss and we are in 4th! Come on, Cain! You are our ACE now.

Anonymous said...

Molina's fat is infecting everyone. I hate how everyone has to work around Molina. C'mon don't let the Dodgers beat us again.

JC Parsons said...

Couple Things:
It is worth noting that Buster was pinch hitting for Pablo. I'm not sure I agree with that whole idea. It probably had to do with righty-lefty shit, but I think we sink or swim with Pablo...right now it is kinda sinky, but are we really giving up on the Panda?? Sure he's cold now but he is OUR least I thought so...

ALSO, I don't think I can stand watching Molina any more. I see so few televized games and it hurts my retinas to see what he calls "baseball." He swung at a pitch last night so that it wouldn't hit him. His defense is laughable: no arm, no mobility...half the wild pitches that I have seen were easily stopped by an average catcher. Of course, I don't have to mention that he is the slowest and worst conditioned pro athlete in the world. Listening to Krukow try to justify Molina's existence is so sad. Sorry, I had to vent.

On the positive from last night:
Burrell continues to have great at bats. He has a great eye. I would not have taken him out last night (pitch runner in a tie game.) I feel like he is about to win a game or two single-handed.