Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tomorrow the Giants play game 162, hoping to get done what they've failed to do in games 160 and 161. Barry Zito followed up Matt Cain's wretched start with one equally ugly, but of a different character. He walked in two runs in the 1st, and got worse from there. Ol' Boch decided to leave him in to start the 4th, letting him hit for himself when down 2-0 in the 3rd, and he gave up a hit to pitcher Tim Stauffer, who later scored. It was hideous. Bonehead compounded the result by getting tossed later in a meaningless display, arguing a called third strike. It was embarrassing. The Padres have owned the Giants all year--inexplicably--and they showed it again today. The Giants got the winning run to the plate with 1 out in the 9th, but true to form, grounded into a double play to end it.

The Giants can't seem to find the right combination against the Padres this season, just like last season. We pitch well against good-hitting clubs, just like them, but pitch poorly against them. We hit on the same spectrum, from lousy to adequate, but we don't hit against them. They are younger, faster, and more athletic in the field and on the bases, but that doesn't account for the pitching dominance and our inability to match up. If you can tell me what the magic ingredient is--the SD X-Factor--I'd appreciate it.

Tomorrow's game is huge. I can't think about Tim having to pitch Monday for all the marbles. I can't allow thoughts of losing four in a row. I just have to let go of today and think the best for tomorrow.

C'mon Giants, get it together! Win this fucking thing!



Brother Bob said...

The Giants will win Sunday.

Zo said...

Well, Bob, you were proven correct yesterday, let's hope you are on a roll.

Anonymous said...

My name is Frank Contreras. I am Anonymous. I am from NJ. Email me at for proof if you wish. [Read once, then delete.]

Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't get creeped out, it's not spam or anything. Anyways, I believe in Jonny.

I think that deep down, we all knew that it would come to this. Let's forget these two losses and look forward. Go Giants!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hello, Frank. Glad to see you are still upbeat. What the hell--why not us? The Padres aren't THAT good. They've had a great run against us. That's their season--beating the Giants. We beat them once, that negates everything. GO GIANTS!

Anonymous said...

Well I admit, I missed most of the game (can't see games when they're not on CSN). However, I followed on gameday for the first inning and I left to celebrate my birthday with the family (we all went to this Mexican restaurant we all love) when it was 2-0. Still, deep down I knew there would not be a single day that we would be able to rest. Oh well. Go Giants!

btw, fb anybody? I currently have 55 friends (Timmeh!) but, I still wouldn't mind adding more. BOO PADRES. GO GIANTS!

P.S.: I will eventually make an updated Matt Cain sketch (and maybe MadBum/Cain 2.0 too). Now I actually know what he looks like lol, so I won't need to rely on images and clips as much for everything.

Ron said...

First, I have no doubt that, no matter what happens tomorrow, Tim Lincecum would dominate & win the one-game playoff, even if he had to hit a homerun to get the game's only run. I also have no doubt that he would do it in a half-empty stadium, with over 50% of the paltry attendance being Giants' fans.

Therefore, since the Giants are guaranteed ultimate victory over the Padres, I would like to see them do it at home, in front of a loud, enormous crowd, preserving Tim's gem for an actual playoff game.

So ... get some hits, you knuckleheads. And, Jonathan Sanchez, you are THE MAN!

JC Parsons said...

Evil chimps, day 2.

What Ron said. Double ditto. I could not have said it better.

Hey, Frank! Cool of our best friends from Cal (and a true Giants fan as well) shares that moniker. Nice coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks J.C. I was named in honor of my Grandfather, however, his name was Francisco. It was a different time 60+ years ago, they didn't want it to be harder for their kids growing up, so, he went with American names to hide their Venezuelan-ness. I occasionally wonder how different it would have been if I were Francisco Contreras, but, I like Frank. Simple, monosyllabic, and more than meets the eye. Besides, I don't look exotic enough for Francisco lol.

Brother Bob said...

Frank! Nice.
After reading the scenarios for the various tie-breaker games, I've changed my mind about the Giants winning today. That's just wishful thinking. Sure it would be lovely to get it over with today. But why stop The Torture? I now believe we'll have to go to San Diego tomorrow then go to Atlanta Tuesday.
If we can't win any of those games we don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hey, if 162 games aren't torture enough, then add 163 and even 164!! What the hell, why not??

Just kidding. I think Sanchez is going to deliver today--he's actually our best pitcher vs. SD this year (31-1/3 IP, 17 H, 9 R, 0 HR, 13 BB, 30 K) despite the 0-3 record. That's over 5 games. Tim's only faced SD twice, once in August (ugly) and once in September (pretty). Latos is their ace, and he has manhandled us (no surprise), but there's a chance he's running on fumes at this point. Be nice if we could get some early runs and the hitters could do their jobs. We average 4.3 rpg but only 2.5 vs. SD. Sanchez has lost two 1-0 games this season, both to Latos. That's criminal. The guys need to hit the fucking ball. Sanchez is overdue for some support against SD.

If the Braves lose today, it is all moot--the Giants go to the post-season. Not that I'm counting on that--I expect to win the West today. That's just another one of those freaky possibilities in a very freaky season.