Friday, October 22, 2010

1987- HacMan

The '87 NLCS between the Giants and the Cardinals became the Jeffrey Leonard show.
From Wikipedia:
During the seven game-long series against the St. Louis Cardinals, Leonard had five runs, ten hits, four home runs, five runs batted in, a batting average of .417, and a slugging percentage of .917. For his performance, Leonard was awarded the 1987 NLCS Most Valuable Player Award.
This spectacular offensive performance was all the more exciting due to his cool arrogant "One Flap Down" home run trot, as he circled the bases with an arm hanging straight down at his side.


Brother Bob said...

I can't bring myself to write the next chapter, the one about Atlee Hammaker. Besides, I'm blogged out. I hope y'all appreciate this fodder for reminiscing.

Brother Bob said...

And I won't comment on Candy Maldonado.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was wondering why you are dredging up 1987. After all, the Giants had to go on the road and win one game (up 3-2) in order to go to the Series. They failed, as I recall, most heart-breakingly.

Why, again, are you dredging up 1987?

Brother Bob said...

Yeah, it seemed apropos, but then I couldn't actually get to the part about what happened, and ended up posting some "side bars."
So, nobody wants to reminisce about Jose Oquendo?