Friday, October 22, 2010

1987- The Thrill

In April of '86 one of the greatest Giants ever made his debut and famously homered off Nolan Ryan in his first AB.
William Nuschler Clark, from Mississippi State University, was the best first basemen in the NL for many years, and was largely responsible for the team's success in '87 and again in '89.
Clark hit a career-best 35 homers in '87 to go with 91 RBI and a .307 average.
In most fans minds Clark will forever be paired with second baseman Robby Thompson, who made his ML debut at the same time as Clark, and was an outstanding contributor to some good Giants teams.


Ron said...

If the Giants play Texas in the World Series, in lieu of various people throwing out the first pitches (that's so yesterday), before each game, I think that Nolan Ryan (Rangers' President) & Will Clark (Giants' Roving Ambassador or whatever they call him) should re-enact Will's first ML at-bat. In 1986, that resulted in a Will Clark HR. Any predictions as to how that match-up would work out in 2010? I think that, over a seven-game series, Will would knock a 1B, a 2B, & an HR, with a BB, a K, a groundout, & a flyout. Slash line of .500/.571/1.167. Nuschler!

M.C. O'Connor said...

At least Nolan Ryan knows for a fact that his club is going to the Series.

The Giants still have work to do.