Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flags a-flyin'

When the Giants eked out a 1-0 win (Huff's mad dash to 3rd on a grounder to short!) on September 10th against Clayton Richard and the San Diego Padres, they moved into a virtual tie for 1st place in the West. After the game I put up my Giants flag (see sidebar photo below) and declared "I'm not taking this down until the Giants are eliminated!" Usually I put up the flag for Opening Day or special occasions like my pals coming over to watch a game. The 2010 Giants, of course, did not get eliminated. They never even faced an elimination game! They are the World Champions. I like saying that, so I'm going to say it again. The San Francisco Giants are the World Champions. Consequently, the Giants flag remained a-flyin' in my back yard 24/7! Today, though, is 11/11. Veterans Day. (Pet peeve: Veteran's Day. Fer chrissakes, it ain't possessive. One vet don't own the freakin' day!) I put up the Stars and Stripes on Veterans Day, and think about the old man freezing his ass off at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950 when he was all of 19. Now, the American flag has its own spot in my front yard, but I'm a stickler for flag protocol, so the Giants flag had to come down. I mean, the season has to end some time, eh? The poor black banner was stiff with ice (it's been below freezing the last few nights) and showing some wear and tear. Once it thaws and dries it will go back on my wall, where I can revel in the 2010 World Series Championship over and over again. In the mean time, I'm enjoying my Veterans Day holiday from work, warm and happy and relaxed in front of the computer, drinking coffee and procrastinating about the chores that need doing.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone.


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Brother Bob said...

The precedent is now officially set as 10 days for the proper time to fly the banner after winning the World Series.
The San Francisco Giants are the World Champions.
Yeah, you're right, it still feels fine.
A Vet I'm remembering is Captain Sidney Hargraves Hilliard, Jr., USMC, Ret. He passed away this year at a ripe age. He was my father-in-law. He served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. At one time he flew Mustangs over China, like Pappy Boyington. He was a heck of a man.