Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been an emotional week! How much better can it get? Here's to some more great news!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! The RMC rotation is back!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Good news!

Zo said...

If there is one advantage to being hospitalized during the world series, it is getting to watch every pitch. Not that I would recommend that, the tradeoffs are significant. OK, I saved a bunch on bar tabs, too.

A note about Bumgarner, beyond mere effusive praise. He is a big lanky kid, his shoulders are huge, but he is skinny and has a flat chest. Not ab workouts for him, looks more like wood chopping. Because he is so long, he can generate power by not appearing to move very fast. And his shoulders can add too. Really impressed, I won't even get into his demeanor. As some know, I am a fan of pitching, always have been (listened ti transistor radio in jr high as Gibby set a record for World Series K's).

My favorite quote from Tim McCarver, reading a Fox News graphic about the last time the Giants won the world series, "Gas was 19 cents a gallon, Eisenhower was president, and there were no teams west of the Mississippi." Perhaps Tim was unaware of the St. Louis Cardinals (and, until 1954 the St. Louis Browns as well). I'll forgive him the Browns.

PS. I'm in the bliss period. I can wait to start anguishing over roster moves.