Monday, November 1, 2010

World Champion Tim

We are all Giants! We are all World Series Champions!

The San Francisco Giants, led by a dominating Tim Lincecum, finished off the over-whelmed Texas Rangers in front of their shocked home crowd. In a display of near perfect NLWest ball, our beloved bhoys waited out Lee once again and whupped the hapless rednecks, 3-1. ( Oh yeah, it's a whuppin'...c'mon, two runs is plenty!) The Freak and his crew of "misfits" sliced through The American League's best in a rather tidy 4-1 series. Did we really just go 11-4 in the post-season?
Tim Lincecum made it clear to the world why we call him "The Franchise." We pretty much count on him to be better than their best. It works. Using a vicious slider, Tim "coaxed" the Rangers into a nifty TEN STRIKEOUTS. (He must know how much the chicks love the double digits.) I especially loved how Tim schooled his old battery-mate, Bengie Molina, with a pitch that Bengie had never seen before! A two time Cy Young winner and he's mastering pitches in the last couple months of a pennant race! Wrap your brain around that one for a while. A good indication of Tim's nasty big time stuff is the number of swinging strikes - 22 compared to Lee's 8. "Quality start" does no justice to Tim's marvelous job:
8 innings 3 hits (2 singles, hr) 1 run 2 walks 10 strikeouts game score 80!
Could he have finished? Maybe, but that's not how we roll. What better way to end this wonderful journey than with Wilson getting the save?

Congratulations to all my Giants friends and fellow bloggers. We were blessed by a thrilling team that never stopped believing, even when some of us did.
Not me, though. I knew we were going to win all along...

Now, what say we hash over every luscious detail of the 106th World Series?

Note: This post, hell, this entire season is dedicated to Zo, the Mystic One. Your sacrifice goes unparallelled in Giants fandom. Way to go! Now GET BETTER.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Fuckin' A!!!

We are all Giants!!!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Lincecum was sick. Just sick. It's like Cain set the bar and MadBum and Tim said "oh, yeah?" and "check this out."

Outstanding, just outstanding. Notice that Wilson's two saves in Texas were 1-2-3 routine with no torture?

My favorite line? Josh Hamilton 0-4 with 2 K (caught looking in the 9th--sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!).

Ron said...

Did we win the World Series??? Pinch me ... I'm dreaming! We're so workmanlike & everything. And, so lovable & shit. Wow ... I'm even sitting here listening to F.P. Santangelo on, for God's sake! F. P. friggin' steroid-using Santangelo. The whole world has gone topsy turvy. It's hard to know exactly what to do. I can't scream anymore - Susana is sleeping, while I'm still listening to F.P. & Marty Lurie. But, every now & then, they re-play Flemm's call of the Renteria HR (hilarious) & Kuip's call of the last pitch (emphatic) & Jon Miller's call of the last pitch (Jon Miller being Jon Miller) & then I realize why I'm sitting here listening to F.P. Santangelo.

I did get ahold of Zo & passed on everyone's best wishes. He had some pre-Game barley mush, so that was a good sign. He sounded exasperated, but excited. He said that he could hear hooting & hollering, both in the Hospital & in the streets around the Hospital.

This team, this quintessential, nutty 'total is greater than the sum of the parts' kind of team, is going to be remembered forever. Our pitching is legendary. I really don't know exactly what a Game Score is, but there haven't been that many Game Scores of 80 in World Series history ... we had 2 in a row! Sheesh.

Well, better get back to F.P. Santangelo & the excitement. More tomorrow!