Friday, December 17, 2010

Giants Jacking With Edgar Renteria

Well, Edgar Renteria is, not surprisingly, upset about the Giants' $1M contract offer. You can list off all of the metrics about why or why not the Giants' offer was appropriate or not, but here is my more intangible take on this, because this guy isn't just any old everyday aging utility infielder:

- Edgar Renteria was an inspirational player on our only World Series Championship team ever. His Teammates universally adored him. His Manager & Coaches praised him.

- When healthy, Edgar Renteria has some fine baseball skills.

- Biggest issue - Edgar Renteria is someone who we should keep in the organization long-term, with Major or Minor League Coaching or overseas Scouting as logical future positions.

- Throwing in the $500,000 he received from his buyout, the Giants were prepared to pay Edgar Renteria a total of $1.5M to play in 2011.

- The Giants receive more revenue from the naming rights to 'GMC Professional Grade', or whatever the silly advertisement du jour is, than it would take to pay Edgar Renteria a reasonable salary.

I continue to believe that the appropriate reward for someone who has done a lot for this Team, & someone who many of us believe can do a lot for this Team after his retirement as an active Player, is somewhere between $2M & $3M. Subtracting the previously-committed $500,000, we should then offer him $1.5M to $2.5M.

How about $2M to bring Edgar back?

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Ron, I did not see your post until after I had posted. Funny how we did the point-counterpoint thing!

If Renteria had been part of the championship club and NOT the WS MVP, would we be having this discussion? After, all Juan Uribe was certainly way more valuable that Renteria in 09 & 10, and he's gone for similar (i.e. economic) reasons.