Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keys to The Streak™: Jonathan

Jonathan Sanchez started the whole thing off and racked up four starts in the 18-game span. Check out those strikeouts! What I like is the three walks in three starts (19-2/3 IP) and the seven walks in one start (5 IP). That sums up our goofy lefty. If he doesn't make you miss then he will probably miss you. His last three starts in the post-season, after the brilliant effort against Atlanta in the LDS, is what lingers in the mind. That's unfortunate--this guy is a hell of a talent. He threw 30 more innings and faced 100 more batters in 2010 than in 2009 before adding another 20 IP in the post-season. JSanchez led the league in fewest hits per nine innings. His 6.6 H/9 in 2010 followed 7.4 in 2009 and 8.8 in 2008. His ERA+ is trending the other way, from 88 in 2008 to 101 in 2009 and 133 in 2010. I can't wait to see what he can do in 2011.


Date    Opp  Rslt  IP H R ER BB SO HR  ERA BF Pit GSc
Sep5    LAD  W3-0 7.0 3 0  0  1  9  0 3.39 25 112  79
Sep10   SDP  W1-0 5.0 1 0  0  7  4  0 3.29 22  88  62
Sep16   LAD W10-2 7.0 4 2  1  0 12  1 3.21 26  90  75
Sep22   CHC  L0-2 5.2 4 2  1  2  6  1 3.16 23 102  59

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Brother Bob said...

Sanchez' aversion to giving up hits is what accounts for his occasional high-walk-count game. And he was indeed the weak link in the staff during the post season, relatively speaking.
We've all been saying for years that Sanchez would be so good if he could only manage to screw his head on straight. Maybe he accomplished that, maybe not. I think there's going to be a team-wide shift in attitude, where some of the guys get cocky from being the champs. Most of the guys will benefit from that, but it could go either way and some players will regress.

Zo said...

Three wins in four starts. That's all we ask.