Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Dreams

Analyzing Spring Training games is probably a lot like analyzing dreams: some "experts" think much can be learned, but most of us know they are just weird and meaningless. Since I'm no "expert," I'm going to take the "weird and meaningless" approach.

And yesterday, in the defending World Champions' Spring Training Opener, Tim Lincecum put on a nice little display of "weird." Unfortunately, it wasn't his usual freaky good "weird."

As I'm sure everyone has heard, Tim pitched poorly yesterday: 5 outs ( 1 K ), 5 hits, 3 runs. That's not really the weird part, after all the hits were only singles. The weird part is that Tim only THREW THIRTEEN PITCHES. In the first inning, Tim gave up 4 singles (the first 4 pitches!), a productive flyout, a sac fly, and a STRIKEOUT...all on NINE PITCHES. The next inning continued in the same way: first pitch single, then he THREW A BALL! (the only one), and finally 2 groundouts on the next two pitches. Thirteen pitches.

Didn't I tell you it was weird .........................................AND MEANINGLESS !!!!!!?????


M.C. O'Connor said...

I think Tim is going to be even more awesome this year than ever. He came back from his August slump and was nearly unbeatable after that. I think he hates to fail and is very driven to prove that he's the best. We are going to see some serious shit from Tim this season--I've got schpilkes already.

Julian Levine said...

Analyzing the games themselves is meaningless. But the players..especially those fighting for playing time (DeRosa/Rowand/etc.) will be significantly impacted by this Spring.

I figure if DeRosa keeps swinging the bat well, there's a good chance he could earn the starting LF spot. So those are the kinds of things I'm looking for this Spring...

and it's always nice to win, even if the games don't matter :)