Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denvered again

You'd think the Giants of San Francisco were rich with wins. So bloated with wins that they like to toss a few away, just for sport. For the second straight day, the 2011 Giants took a perfectly wonderful 2010-like gem of a game and handed it over to the Rockies. Jonathan Sanchez shat upon his own beautiful creation with a Lincecumesque throw on a bunt and it all fell apart from there. The Colorado club gladly accepted the gift, mierda and all, proving they don't raise no dummies in Coors Field.

Matt Cain gets to break the losing streak against Clayton Kershaw tomorrow in LA.

Throw the ball good, lad.



Anonymous said...

giants should have bunted in the ninth and given them some of their own medicine

Brother Bob said...

Sanchez was outstanding, his best start of the year. Then he screwed the pooch.
Plus he helped himself offensively. It's always fun to see pitchers contribute with their bats.
His BA is currently .235, better than Huff(.229), Fontenot(.208), Tejada(.206), and Derosa(.167).
I don't care if Derosa is the nicest guy in the world, he doesn't belong out there.