Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grind, grind, grind

The Dr. Jonathan & Mr. Sanchez Traveling Act made an appearance last night in San Francisco, and I have to say it was pretty damn good. It gets a lot of bad reviews, something about too many walks. I don't know about that, there were only a couple last night. Not only that, I keep hearing about how nobody gets hits, but there were a bunch of those. Oh yeah, there were strikeouts. So, overall, it was a quality show. The other guys, the ones with the round pieces of wood and and the big leather hand puppets were amazing. The crowd really liked them.

The Giants have played two innings of baseball--36 games. In the first 18, they were 10-8. In the second 18, they were also 10-8. The team is 7-3 in the month of May. That's .700 ball for all you math-challenged types, and that's good. Five wins in a row is real nice. I have to say I love Andres Torres. That was a huge hit in the 6th and a huge play in the 9th. I like to think of him as the team talisman. I don't like seeing Buster Posey get dinged--again. He took a shot to the face on a foul ball in the top of the 7th and it rocked him hard. I hope he sits today.

Their are six teams in the NL with 20 or more wins, but only one in the West. There are five teams in the AL with 20 or more wins. So despite the injuries and the mediocre start for the club they are inching toward the top of the heap. The pitching is the story, of course. The Giants are 3rd in the NL in FIP (3.11) behind Philadelphia and Atlanta. They are 3rd in the NL in runs allowed (124), also behind the Phillies and Braves. They are 4th in ERA+ (122), just behind Colorado and the other two. Here's the scary part: the Giants have scored the fewest runs the NL (125), and are only ahead of woeful Minnesota (113) in the entire major leagues. I hope that improves.



Zo said...

I think it will improve. I find it hard to believe that Posey, Huff and company will be as bad as Molina and friends were at the start of last year. The good thing is, we win a lot of games with only a one run advantage. Logically, that should not be able to continue throughout the season, but we'll take the W's in the meantime. And it does make for exciting baseball. Another one-run laffer last night. Man, our bullpen is very impressive.

Brother Bob said...

Too much drama. And Wilson almost gave it away in the end.
It was good to have Tejada contribute.