Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home at last, home at last, thank god almighty we are home at last.

My dad used to say stuff like "work is the curse of the drinking class." Naturally I though it was stupid when I was a kid, but I think about it every time the Giants play during my work hours. Today work seriously interfered with my ability to "enjoy" the game. Just as well. No Cinco de Mayo celebration for Los Gigantes. The Mets got a big hit from Carlos Beltran and managed to avoid a sweep. Jonathan Sanchez was his usual mysterious self. He walked six, struck out six, and had an RBI single. Hey, he's a package deal. You get a whole load of mysterious when you send Sanchez out there. He could strike out 11 and give up two hits and mesmerize the opposition. Or he could be mesmerized by his own inability to get a ball in the strike zone. You just never know. I say trade him for Jose Reyes. OK, never mind, don't trade him. I'm thinking about that no-hitter he threw once.

The Giants are hurting yet managed a .500 road trip. That's a moral victory. It's not fun seeing a 15-16 record, and it's not fun watching Buster Posey look lifeless at the plate. Is it me or is the poor guy getting the bejeezus beat out of him back there? He takes a goddamn pounding--foul balls, bats, pitches--and it worries me. The Giants cannot afford to have Buster go down or go into a protracted slump because he's all beat up from catching. He needs off days like today and few shots at first to keep him healthy and able to catch the bulk of the games.

Brandon Belt is playing the outfield in Fresno (mostly left). He's only played first base once in the 11 games he's been there. What's that tell you?



Zo said...

More about the offense! The Giants scored 23 runs on this road trip of 10 games, 2.3 runs/game. Not really that good. 12 of the runs came in just two games, leaving 11 for the other 8, 1.375 runs per game. Even worse. It is surprising that they managed to win 5 of the 10 games on the road. Normally, that is what you aim for, .500 on the road, .667 at home. Our expectations are a bit higher though. It would have been nice to sweep the Mets when they are down, and although the Nats are a good up-and-coming team, really, we should not be dropping 3 of 4 to them. It really is all about the pitching.

Brother Bob said...

If we could get Reyes for Sanchez straight up I'd do that in a heartbeat. Sanchez drives me crazy. But I've always thought he could be a star in NYC.
Tejada has been a massive disappointment. Whichever one of you knew he'd be useless, you can go ahead and say "I told you so."

Ron said...

May 6, people ... there's plenty of time left, plenty of roller-coaster stuff to go. Edgar Renteria was 'useless' at various times last season. Tejada will have his good days, too.

I am, however, fed up with the 5 or 6 walks issued by Sanchez in every start. He is regressing, not improving.

Torres is back soon, right?

Zo said...

To all the folks who want to trade Sanchez for Reyes (assuming that is even in the realm of possibility) or some other hitting, whom would you suggest take the mound every fifth day? Vogelsong doesn't strike me as "the answer" although he might get us by until Zito returns. I seem to remember Sanchez throwing some pretty good games on occasion. I would really be hesitant to give up on a pitcher, even a frustrating one like Jonathan, without some monster in the minor leagues to take his place, and right now, I don't think we have one.