Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let us all sing the Vogel-song

You have to love a guy who can throw six shutout innings in the rain and win a ballgame. That's just plain old orneriness. The Giants get a lovely RBI single from Buster Posey and a couple of sloppy-squirty goober-balls and turn it into a 3-0 win on a Candlestickian night in Chicago. Ryan Vogelsong struck out seven before everyone had enough, cementing his place in Giants lore. "You remember that fella with the funny name, Volksengruben or whateverthefuck, come back that one year and win them games? The story was he was a draft pick but got traded away and come back when that other fella got hurt and threw a short shutout in Chicago and . . .". Don't worry, I'll write something better for the 2011 Championship Season entry in The Big Book of Giants. The shockingly mortal bullpen of yesterday was spared an encore by the elements. Vogie gets a CG. The Giants win. Tim Lincecum pitches tomorrow. He probably never thinks about the offense. Grind on, you Giants!


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Brother Bob said...

We have the most democratic of all pitching staffs. Five men share the team lead for wins, at 3 apiece; Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Vogelsong and Wilson.
No game on Sunday. It's already been declared rained out.