Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorable Memorial

I really like the way Madison Bumgarner got three outs in the 7th inning today: ball one, ground out to pitcher; called strike, ground out to pitcher; ball one, ball two, strike one, strike two, ball three, foul ball, ground out to shortstop. That finished his day at 104 pitches. MadBum seemed to have good command of his breaking pitches and got a lot of ground balls and called strikes. It was a big start in a tough park against a good team. That's what the Giants are about--shutting down the other guys. I know, it was a great day for the offense, and I'm still in a bit of a shock that the lads piled up SEVEN RUNS. Andres Torres was the star, and if there was ever a player that could "lead the way" and show the rest of the club how to get the big hit, it's him. MadBum helped out his own cause with a double and a run scored in the 3rd inning. He also walked in front of Torres' grand slam. He is starting to look like Hallowe'en MadBum, and that ought to strike fear into batters' hearts. Huge win today for a struggling team. It was nice to see Sergio Romo get the last three outs. Boy, he's good.



Anonymous said...

That was indeed a feel good game. Ever play a scenario in your head during a game? I did that for the last two wins and the grand slams happened. I really want to see Belt get more action. For now, GO GIANTS!

Brother Bob said...

Sunday's game was an aberration. Cain was throwing to a catcher he'd never worked with before, and we fielded a weak lineup. He probably felt like he never had a chance.
Yesterday was more like it. MadBum looked very good.
According to Baggarly, this was the first time the Giants have won by more than 3 runs since April 18. In our 19 victories since then, 11 were by one run.