Monday, May 16, 2011

Saboteur Tim

Tim Lincecum gave the game away. I certainly have never used that sentence before. I hope I never use it again.

In arguably his worst start ever, Tim Lincecum did something he hardly ever does...I don't mean the scary stats:

5.2 innings 9 hits 7 runs (3 earned) six walks 3 strikeouts

Although they are quite hideous (game score 20!), I was referring to the amazing fact that Lincecum is now 47 - 4 (.922) when the Giants give him at least three runs of support (76 starts). Tonight was only the fourth time ever that the Freak has pissed away that most precious commodity. And, boy howdy, he sure did have to work hard to give the game to the rookies. Terrible walks, a horrible error, and , finally the long ball barrage (shame on Bochy for the delayed hook!). I'm pretty sure that I've followed every Lincecum start and I don't recall a worse job. Not something I prefer to think about, so I won't do it now. It will be interesting to see how he responds. Failure is not something we have seen Tim have to deal with much. Especially, self inflicted failure.

Speaking of failure...Mark DeRosa at third? Really?


M.C. O'Connor said...

He had CarGo 0-2. One good pitch instead of one poor one sends the team back to the dugout 4-4 and still having a chance to win. That was a very fat pitch--a changeup that didn't drop at all, just drifted across the plate. The six walks ran up his pitches and put him on the defensive all night long. Too bad. I thought right up until Gonzalez hit the HR that he'd get out of it. Boch did too, apparently.

JC Parsons said...

Why have Affeldt up at all if he doesn't face Gonzalez? I was shocked that Bochy left Timmeh was the wrong call.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I can see the other side. Tim was wild all night and had a hard time with his changeup. I think it says more about Bochy's confidence in Affeldt than anything else. Tim is probably the only pitcher on the staff that Bochy leaves in with a situation like that. Hell, he's earned it. That sort of thing will come up again this season and it will be interesting to see if Ol' Boch tries to get "one more out" from his ace in a tough spot.

Even Tim Lincecum has a bad day now and then. Too bad--Giants get Ubaldo today and it's only a matter of time before he puts it together. Let's hope it ain't today!

Ron said...

Any news on Panda's workout regimen & diet while on the DL? I fear weight gain & ineffectiveness. Hopefully, he's being carefully watched.

If nothing else changes, Sunday's rainout means that we will see Lincecum/Sanchez on July 4/5, instead of Sanchez/Cain. I'm pretty happy either way, although I was looking forward to seeing Cain operate up-close from behind homeplate. We are in the LF Bleachers on Monday & behind the plate on Tuesday. Now, it will be Tim from distance & Sanchez up-close.

Zo said...

Ron, before the game on the Bruce Bochy show, they mentioned that Pablo was working and starting to use his hand. He speculated about three weeks. Prior to that, he had been working out, but and taking one-handed infield.

Mark, see, the Giants go and increase their runs/game by approximately 0.0135, and look what happens!

Anonymous said...

Timmeh was not good at all last night...but I am getting really sick of this piss-poor defense. Even when the pitchers scuffled and the offense heated up and cooled sporadically last year, the defense was always a constant, albeit, unappreciated strength of the team. The Giants have the third worst UZR/150 in baseball this year. In contrast, the Giants had the second best in 2010. I'm hoping that Andres playing everyday, Pablo's return, Huff staying OUT of RF will change that, and a replacement for Tejada (eventually...hopefully) will change that.