Sunday, September 4, 2011

Giants collapse

All Arizona had to do in this series was avoid being swept. They managed that yesterday. Today they hung around until Ryan Vogelsong made a mistake. Then the Giants bullpen threw the game away and the season as well. The D-backs came to town in front by six and leave in front by seven. Vogie had a great start but couldn't nail down the last few outs. I have no complaint with Ol' Boch sticking with him. With a crippled 'pen he gave us just as good a chance to win as anyone else. I'm happy he had a great start. On many other clubs that would have been an easy win. The home team couldn't get it going with the bats--a familiar refrain for 2011.

Giants pitchers battled heroically all season but could not overcome their offensive handicap. Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and Madison Bumgarner were all stalwart performers. We know how special that group is and there's still Jonathan Sanchez waiting in the wings! Vogelsong saved the team early in the year with a long run of quality innings and has earned his spot in the rotation. He showed today that he still has it despite the worries over his recent loss streak and the wear-and-tear due to his increased workload. Injuries to Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson stretched the relief corps out too thinly and the cracks started to show. Even before the injury The Bearded One was not as dominant as he had been the previous two seasons, but I'm not complaining, he was still damn good. With any hitting at all the team would have been right in the middle of the playoff mix and would have had just as good a shot as Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Milwaukee to go to the Series.

Alas, it looks like the D-backs are on their way. The magic number for them is 16. They were the better team today, this weekend, and the entire second half of the season. I hate writing an obit with 22 games left in the season for a team not mathematically eliminated, but there it is. On to San Diego with MadBum tomorrow and the rookie on Tuesday.


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Brother Bob said...

Vogelsong was doing so well. Our pitchers have so little margin for error.