Friday, September 23, 2011

Keepin' up appearances

It was one of those painful lessons you had to learn as a kid. You know, you'd be pissed off at some kid stuff or at your parents or somesuch and yet you had to bottle it all up inside and comb your fucking hair and button your goddamn shirt and still smile and shake hands and say "fine" and "good" and "thank you" and all the rest of the polite shite that was expected of you when all you really wanted to do was kick someone or break something and tell the world to "eat shit and die." Remember? That's what this feels like. The Giants are done. Don't talk to me about the Wild Card. Four games out with six to play? Yeah, I believe it is possible for both St. Louis and Atlanta to take a massive double-dump and give the club and opening. Here's the rub, though--the Giants would still have to win a shitload of games. You could have a sumo wrestler-sized offensive line who could open a hole you could slide a Winnebago through and hand the goddamn ball to this team and they'd fall down after a two-yard gain and then get penalized for illegal motion. You see? I'm resorting to fecking football metaphors! It's over. The fat lady hasn't sung--yet--but she will, and the sooner the better from where I'm sitting. I said all those nice things about MadBum and he looked like crap. That's OK, I'm sticking by what I wrote. He's going to open some eyes next year.

They moved up Cain to tonight's game.



Ron said...

Yes - football metaphors ... very scary, indeed. But, a great one, Mark. You're right. It's another reason I don't want to hear another word about our ballpark & moving in the fences. You could put the fences right behind the infield dirt, but, if there were runners on, 80% of our team would still find a way fail to drive in a run. We get the 'hardest guy in baseball to strike out', but, put him in a clutch situation, & he's suddenly Santiago Casilla at the plate.

The door was open, the butler was inviting us in, & we not only failed to walk in, but failed to do so with such rapid inevitability, it was sickening.

Most team's fans see a 1st inning HR by one of their best hitters & say 'This is going to be our night!'

Seeing the same thing, the 2011 SF Giants fan (& our starting Pitchers) say 'This is going to be another one of those nights when we get a 1st inning HR & nothing else, isn't it?' Somehow, last night, we did muster another solo HR, but that's because the Panda is suddenly Ted Williams ... there's not much that you can do about that, except admire it & wish that it meant more right now.

I'll maintain hope, especially for a dignified end to the season. We still have a chance to finish with a very good record in a bizarre season. And, yes, there's the Atlanta - St. Louis double-dump possibility. GO GIANTS!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

If you had asked me 3 weeks ago if we'd still have chance at this point I'd have said no way. I just hope we kick some Snake ass (wait, do snakes have asses?)

Zo said...

Not much to add. The doggers kicked us in the gut. We were on a roll and then went to LA and lost 2 of 3. Fucking doggers. We pretty much needed to win everything left to have a tiny chance as of about 11 games ago, and then, for awhile we did. Fucking tease. I'll be watching the remaining games because, well, that's what I do. No other reason, really. The season-of-listening-to-music-during-dinner is almost here. Fuck.