Monday, September 26, 2011

Kinda Wimpy Tim

Perhaps I'm being rather over critical, but I'm a little peeved at how Tim Lincecum (13-14, YUCK) lost control of, and then, lost the game.  No big deal since the game was meaningless, but it was a chance for us to regain some dignity.  Yeah right, like that was going to happen this year.

Specifically, I'm disappointed that Tim let the beaning of Justin Upton get to him.  I know it is scary when the helmet is involved and people go down in a heap. And I'm not saying he deserved to get plugged, but Upton crowds the plate and getting hit is part of his game.  I believe that was #18 this year which ranks him third.  Yet it really rattled Tim. Lincecum admitted that it effected his approach for the rest of his mediocre outing.  Anybody else think that is sort of lame for "big time" MLB pitcher?  I know Timmeh isn't Bob Gibson, but we sure could have used some grit from our "ace."

I guess this is a poor time to assess the complicated 2011 Tim Lincecum season. What with me being so pissy and all.  We may have wait until I've regained some does February sound?


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Maybe he should have had a bit of medical weed between innings. Timmy often pitched just good enough to lose. And some of his losses were due to late inning walks, not holding runners a wild pitch etc. in a one run ballgame. If he could just up his game a tad, he could get back to Cy Young status. More strikes, less walks, hold runners on better, make the really good pitch when it counts and beat the other team or if our guys are not hitting at least do not let the opponents take the lead. The thing is he still has some of the best stuff in the majors, but he seems to lack concentration at times. Lets hope in 2012 he once again becomes the franchise.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He had trouble throwing strikes. It cost him. He was certainly disappointing. I think the lack of run support has finally caused him to snap and say "fuck it." You have to figure he will be extra motivated next season, though. Adversity is good for the soul. And good at motivating ultra-jocks. Especially guys who hint at taking advantage of their impending free agency (2014).

I was surprised Gibson didn't take Upton out. Upton could have been seriously hurt. Stupid move--the guy is their best player and just got beaned and he says "shake it off, kid" in a meaningless game with the playoffs coming up.

I can see where Tim would get upset, though. These guys are professional rivals, not enemies. They don't want to injure each other. It's not like the old days. Guys are friends. They chat and visit on the base paths. Pay and celebrity status make them a hell of a lot more like each other than like any one else. The way the modern game works Upton and Lincecum could be teammates in a few years! I think Tim would have "found himself" and settled down in a more meaningful contest.

hilarie said...

You need to take a bubble bath and hug something. Lincecum is one of the five best pitchers in MLB. He did not become that by being reckless. He's had trouble controlling his fast ball all season. This time he tried to throw down and away but the pitch was up and in. That shouldn't upset a guy as fine-tuned as he is? He doesn't intimidate batters by making them fear injury. He makes them look like helpless fools. If Lincecum had faced the lame-ass Giants as often as Kershaw did, he'd be leading for Cy Young; Kershaw would be a down-ballot choice.

Zo said...

@hilarie - you must know Jon! He takes bubble baths all the time. What's more, he can do so gazing at one of the most spectacular views in the country.