Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Madison Bumgarner

Stat--NL rank

ERA 3.21--11th
WHIP 1.21--19th
IP 204-2/3--17th
QS 23--T7th
AGS 56--10th
K/9 8.29--12th
K/BB 4.15--6th

FanGraphs has not updated their site to include last night but MadBum was 4th in the NL in FIP (2.73) behind Roy Halladay (2.20), Clayton Kershaw (2.47) and Cliff Lee (2.60). He's 5th (5.3) in WAR. I expect he'll pass Matt Cain (5.4) and finish 4th in that category. I'm not up to speed on the saber-stats tERA and SIERA but our boy is 7th in both. I figure they must be excellent metrics. He was 0-6 at one point this season and 2-9 at another. He finished 13-13, tied for the team lead in wins. He's a beast no matter how you measure it!

Eric Surkamp goes today instead of Cain. The rookies--Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and Conor Gillaspie--shined last night. Let's hope the young lefty keeps that going. No matter what happens today the Giants will finish at least four games up on LA and at least 10 games over .500. Like I said before, not bad for the worst offense in baseball.



Brother Bob said...

This post reminds me of something I most definitely didn't like about "Moneyball." There was lots of harping on the crucial importance of getting on base but absolutely nothing, zero, zilch, nada about what constitutes value in a pitcher.

Zo said...

Probably because few commenters on Moneyball, even those that have purported to have read it, understand the theme. It is not about OBP. It is about utilizing undervalued statistics, those that don't draw big salaries like home runs, such as OBP was at the time, to build a contending team when you do not have the money to compete with the Yankees for the home run hitters.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you this year for this blog. I am not even computer savvy enough to post any other way but anonymous, but despite some to the really sophisticated stat blogs, to me this one is the most entertaining by your thoughts, and still provides excellent reading and ideas. I enjoyed this sight throughout the season. I would like to see a comparison of all the key stats between Matt Cain and Ian Kennedy.

Ben said...

Bumgarner is great, but Matt Cain is so unbelievably underrated. If I had my way he would probably come in around #4 or #5 in Cy Young this year. BTW, I'm a Dodger fan.