Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tim and Matt

I'm surprised, but happy the Giants avoided arbitration with Tim Lincecum. I kept thinking they would make a one-year deal, or even go to arb, and then work on a contract in the next off-season. The Giants do not seem to like the arb process and I can't say I blame them. Far better to negotiate directly than talk a guy down in front of a disinterested party. Tim is going to cost about $25M/year in free agency, but that is now two full seasons away. In 2014 the Giants can buy out Barry Zito for a $7M pittance and that might free them up to be players in the Freak-stakes. Now the Giants and Lincecum can drop the contract talks for the season and bring up the idea of an extension in the 2012-2013 off-season. That's the ideal scenario. If Tim declares free agency after the 2013 season then all bets are off. In a year I'll expect some serious talk about an extension for The Franchise. (Let's hope his agent's words are sincere.) I'm happy to shelve that topic and focus on Timmeh taking the ball every fifth day!

Matt Cain is now on the front burner. This is the negotiating window as his contract expires and he becomes a free agent this fall. There seems to be a sentiment that Cain will sign a "team-friendly" deal (think Jered Weaver, 5/85), but that's just buzz. I have yet to hear anything solid. I get the feeling MC wants to stay in San Francisco, but that's, once again, just speculation. I never blame a player for taking the money. This is their livelihood, they should do what is best for them. I would be devastated if no. 18 left for "greener" pastures--he's my favorite player, not to mention the namesake of the blog. But business is business and I have no beef with that. The Giants supposedly offered Tim a 5-year, $100M deal. I wonder if they'll dangle something similar in front of Matt. I keep thinking that a 5-year, $90M offer would get it done. That's a raise over his 2012 salary ($15.3M) and in line with similar pitchers (Cole Hamels is "only" getting $15M). How about $16/17/18/19/20M for 2013-2017? Would that work?

My enthusiasm for the 2012 Giants is predicated on an extension for Cain. I've believed all along that both sides are committed to getting it done. Now is the time!



Ron said...

This could be a unique moment in RMC history - I am writing this post while flying approximately 31,000 feet above the State of North Dakota (Alaska Airlines Flight #30, non-stop Portland to Boston). Santiago & I are making a Northeast swing to visit some of the Universities to which he has applied. He also has several appointments with their Rowing Coaches. We are driving from Boston to Ithaca to Princeton to NYC to Boston over the next few days. NYC is just a touristy stopover - going to a play & to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island.

The following weekend, Santiago has an 'official recruiting visit' to the University of Wisconsin - that one is paid for by the Badgers! Obviously, we are very proud of him, as they are all excellent school for his intended studies, too.

So, Frank Contreras, if you're still checking in, despite our tight schedule, we could shake your hand over a Carvel ice cream cone somewhere along the way, as we drive through your State. Post something, & we'll work something out.

If we see them during our travels, we'll give our regards to Cody Ross in Boston & to Andres Torres & Ramon Ramirez in New York. Otherwise, I spend most of my Giants-related thoughts praying for the Cain & Lincecum long-term deals. I wish that they'd get something done.

We are getting close to the Minnesota border!

Zo said...

Don't give one cent to Wisconsin until they recognize that their public employees have bargaining rights.

Zo said...

At first, I was pretty unimpressed with the Lincecum deal, in spite of big and small media gushing over it. After careful reflection, however, I remain unimpressed. If the Giants had done absolutely nothing - not returned Tim's agent's phone calls, not even bothered to show up at the arbitration hearing, then the Giants would have Lincecum for two years and maybe a million or so more dollars minus the cost of cabfare to the hearing. That doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment to me. What's more, although I hope Tim realizes that San Francisco loves him, the idea that boundless love for the offensively challenged, thong-wearing Giants springs from his heart as a result of this deal is pure speculation. It would, of course, also be speculation to assume that he would NOT be open to a longer term deal, but if your adding up the off season accomplishments, this is a chit so small as to be almost invisible.

Ron said...

Agreed regarding the Lincecum 'deal' - it is really like nothing happened whatsoever, which I had to explain to my Parents last night - my Mom, having turned into a Lincecum-jersey wearing fanatic & all, was all excited, until I explained to her the whole thing about buying out arb years.

The Governor of Wisconsin is an ass, but I think that things are turning against him there.

Currently, we think that we are over Lake Michigan, between Wisconsin & Michigan, but it's solidly cloudy, so we can't tell. 130 mph tailwinds are getting us to Boston 30 minutes ahead of schedule!