Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giants out-slug Cards

No, really. I mean, the Cardinals hit homers and stuff, but the Giants got more stuff and wound up winning. It helps when the other team gives up walks and, uh, errors. We are 2012 Giants fans, this we know only too well. Matt Cain got battered (eight hits, a walk, four runs) but came away with a 'W' for six innings of work (six strikeouts, Game Score 45). That's two anomalous events--the Giants scoring in four different innings and Matt Cain getting a 'W'. I'm still shaking my head over it. I didn't get to watch, so I don't know what was up with Matty today, probably his breaking ball. Still, when the stopper throws his second-worst start of the year against the defending champs and the team wins anyway, that's a good day. Nice to see The Brandons delivering some big hits, and Angel Pagan looking more like the hitter we expected (.296/.335/.454). Melky Cabrera is in a bit of a funk, only one hit in five tries today, but what's worse is the quick outs (only 11 total pitches). Heck, even MannyB chipped in an RBI with a sac fly. Like I said, a good day.



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nomisnala said...

Through 7 innings tonight Cody Ross has 4 RBI, and 25 on the season. He is hitting about 70 points less than melky, but his OPS is about same. His hitting with runners in scoring position is better. And we let him go why? Great for Cain to get the lead, especially after the giants took a 3-2 lead and the Cainer gave it right back. I was thinking at the time that Cain probably does not want to ever have a career W-L over 500. But he got it together, kept his pitches down, and finished 6 strong with 6 K's. In the first 3 innings he had trouble keeping the ball down. Good to see Cain now has as many wins as J. Lopez.