Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No walks, no homers

Matt Cain is not used to pitching with a lead. With any run support, really. Since Ryan Vogelsong appears to be taking over the He Who Gets Cained Award, the team is now pushing runs across the plate when Matt pitches. And the big fella is having a little trouble with it. Eleven hits and four runs kind of trouble, and the seven extra-base hits were a career high. But ZERO walks and ZERO home runs helps a hell of a lot. Last week against the Cardinals he allowed a walk and a homer and four runs on eight hits, but the Giants scored seven runs. Two starts, two victories. What's going on? Buster Posey is going on, that's for sure, with nine hits (three doubles and two homers) in his last six games, with the team winning four. Without Pablo Sandoval, they need big hits from no. 28, and he sure did that last night. The home run off the facing of the upper deck in center field was a monster. The TV guys said 438 feet but it had to be further than that. Regardless, it was 'tatered, and even the usually self-effacing Posey said after the game he "got all of it." Melky Cabrera gets a nod for a hit, a walk, two runs scored, and an Olympian throw from left field to nail Norichika Aoki at home in the first inning. Sweet sweep tag by our whole and healthy catcher, too. Games like this make you feel good. Be nice to pick up a game or two on LA, who won last night with a huge comeback on the road. Thirty wins is the most in the majors, as is their seven-game lead.




Zo said...

G's have gone 7-3 in their last ten, that's real good, except they have lost a game to LA in that time. We will have to beat them head to head, it appears. Sixth inning was vintage Cain. A lead-off double, so Matty struck out the side.

As is typical when one of us leaves the country, I'm hoping the Giants get a boost. They're playing great right now, maybe some rocket boosters will take then through Miami and DC.

Shankbone said...

It would be nice to get a series sweep, something that hasn't happened yet. They can't seem to get a streak going or get a game in on the Doyers. I'm expecting a let down game from Zito, he's stepped up to stop a couple losing streaks, which is nice, but you can't depend on the guy.

Dreading the trip to Miami. Weird stuff happens when we play the Marlins.

Brother Bob said...

That throw by Cabrera in the 1st was as good as any I've ever seen. Just perfect. A guy on 3rd base in that situation expects to score every time. Now they'll have to think twice.