Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pitching, defense, two-run homer

Every time Brett Pill gets up in a game I say "this guy has one job--hit the ball hard off a left-hander." It seems young Mr. Pill took my admonition to heart this evening in Los Angeles, stroking a home run off the previously unbeatable Clayton Kershaw. It was the big blow in the game, and it was the first four-bagger by a Giant since the first of the month. I'm still reeling over the four double plays, the 2-5-3 in the 7th started by Buster Posey and finished with a nice little sell job at first by Brandon Belt was particularly fun. Brandon Crawford and Joaquin Arias made a nice combo over on the left side of the infield--I was happy to see that Bochy went with both Brandons tonight even against the lefty. Belt's scoop on that final DP in the 8th to get Andre Ethier was also a huge play by the rook. He managed to work a walk against Kershaw, and the other Brandon got a base hit. Good move by the manager to count on those guys' gloves and give them a chance to battle a tough pitcher. Ryan Vogelsong did his thing: changing speeds, locating the fastball, inducing grounders, keeping it in the park for a Game Score of 56 and his first 'W' of the season. It's not often the no. 5 matches up the no. 1 and leads his team to a win. Javier Lopez was spectacular, getting four huge outs on only eleven pitches to bail out Vogie and hand off an easy save to Santiago Casilla.

Wow, what a win! The Giants needed to show they could play good ball in a big game especially after playing so poorly the night before. But they stepped up and beat the ace and have a chance to take the series. Let's hope The Freak smells Dodger blood and goes for the kill tomorrow.


p.s. Do you really bunt with Mark Ellis and two on and no outs with Matt Kemp on deck? All the world knew (except for the locals in Chavez Latrine) that Mr. .400 would be walked. Why take the bat out of his hands? If you are afraid of the double play in the first instance, wouldn't you still be afraid of the double play in the second instance (bases loaded and one out)? I don't know, all I know is it worked out for the good guys.


nomisnala said...

We may have gotten a break on that Uribe DP, he looked safe, but we got a bad break on the leadoff walk by Abreu, it sure looked like strike 3. All's well that ends well, a nice win against Kershaw. That should be worth a few extra wins these days.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Lot of close plays--interesting that there was no arguing or chirping at the ump. I hate to admit that I gave up after Vogie put the first two guys on in the 8th, but it all worked out. He dodged bullets all night. Sure was nice to see the fielders deliver big plays.

M.C. O'Connor said...


An unholy alliance, to be sure. The NCAA is even more retrograde and corrupt than the MLB. Athletes generate millions and have no say over it. "Amateur" sport is a charade. Universities are hosting the minor leagues for pro teams because . . . why, exactly? Ugh. MLB has minor leagues already, don't be like the NFL and turn the NCAA into your personal recruiting ground. I say eliminate the draft, make any and all players free agents, and get pro money and all there rest of the millions out of college ball. Let HS and colleges be HS and colleges. Let pros be pros.

Sorry for the rant, but I couldn't help it.


Brother Bob said...

We BEAT LA! I HATE the Dodgers. Seriously.