Monday, May 21, 2012

Took a couple of tries . . .

 . . . but they finally got it right. Giants win a "gut check game" (Krukow's words) in the 14th with a big fly from Hector Sanchez and six outs from Santiago Casilla. Madison Bumgarner dominated the Brewers until two outs in the 8th when Ryan Braun clobbered a fat pitch on a 1-2 count that tied the game. The knives will be out for Ol' Boch who decided to stick with his young ace when he had Sergio Romo ready to go, but I'm not complaining. It was a ballsy move to show confidence in the lefty, he just didn't execute. Got the first two strikes but couldn't keep the breaking ball down and in, and the reigning MVP punished it. It was supposed to be, in Krukovian, a "back foot slider," but wound up looking like BP. Hey, this is the big leagues. Mistakes hurt you. Bumgarner will be a better man for it. I remember thinking at that point that the skipper was taking a big risk, but I wasn't screaming "put in Romo" at the TV. I was rolling with it, betting with the shooter, going with the flow, digging the adrenaline rush. The crash sucked, but the bhoyos had me back and won it anyway. Four runs on two homers and 6-1/3 scoreless by the 'pen. Not bad, lads, not bad at all.



p.s. Duty calls tomorrow and I'll miss Matty's start.

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nomisnala said...

I am not upset with that call by Bochy. I figure he would not want someone else to blow the game for Bumgarner. Make it his responsibility, and the kid blew it himself, after an error by slick fielding, but error prone Crawford. It was a mistake by Bumgarner, and a nice low pitch to the outside corner would have served him much better. Lincecum has been doing this every game some I am ready to cut the 22 year old some slack, and if Romo was in, I would have worried about the same thing, "The Hanging slider" to the Hebrew hammer. Maybe Braun took such a hard swing that he will be out for the rest of the series. If you looked at the ERA's from the Brewers pitchers, you wonder how they held the giants to 4 runs in just 14 innings. It seems like the giants may be the penicillin for the high ERAs on the Milwaukee staff.