Sunday, January 13, 2013

The State of Jefferson Rocks the Trophies!

Lots of locals came to Mt. Shasta City yesterday for the Unveiling and subsequent Viewing. It was party time in the North State, and folks were flashing the colors. I really like the look these two sported (note the winter coats--it was cold):

The Deadheads were out with some spiffy swag:

Me and the Missus got our turn. That's 2010 on the left of the photo, 2012 on the right:

You needed four-wheel drive just to navigate the icy parking lot. Here's us posing with the fancy ride that carried the goods:

I forgave my friend Tom for his ridiculous red coat. After all, the 49ers were hosting a playoff game later in the day (way to go, SF!). I'm telling you, it was cold:

It was a happy crowd (sorry it is a little fuzzy, I'm still getting used to the camera):

And then there's the Man of the Hour, the Administrator of the Mt. Shasta Recreation and Parks District, Mike Rodriguez, who put it all together:




Ron said...

Exciting - you guys look great & happy ... wish they brought it up here to Portland, where there are lots of Giants' fans (not just fair weather turncoats ... real fans). I suppose that that would be insulting to the Mariners.

JC Parsons said...

Hey! I won a small Giants duffle bag in the raffle at the Trophy fest on Saturday!!! Ain't that cool? I bought two tickets, two whole dollars. Also, a lady from the Mt Shasta Parks & Rec delivered the prize to our door! She lives on the other side of the lake so she brought it over a little while ago. Isn't that sweet? I had a terrific time, surrounded by the best people ever.
Look for my photos (fewer people, more shiny bobble) in our beloved blog real soon.

Ron said...

"The Mets watched free agent reliever Brian Wilson this weekend, and weren’t impressed, Mike Puma of the NY Post reports. The Mets don’t consider the rehabbing right-hander to be worthy of a big league deal at this point. Wilson, who’s recovering from Tommy John surgery, wasn’t interested in a minor league contract, according to Puma. The Mets could watch him pitch later on, but right now he’s not physically ready in the view of Mets personnel. 'He’s got a ways to go,' one person said. The Mets were known to have interest in Wilson."

Despite his Agent's PR that 9 or 10 teams were interested, only the Mets have emerged as actually interested. If a team as crappy as the Mets isn't impressed, Wilson must not be doing too well. I hope that he's back with us, contributing mightily to our final playoff run after the 2013 All-Star break.

Zo said...

OMG, guys! The Shirtique at the Tanforan Mall totally has a Melky Cabrera jersey for 25% off! That's a $26.25 savings!