Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anniversary Tim

It is my fourteenth anniversary with my beautiful soulmate of a wife.  We drove all day to get to a favorite inn located in Bandon, Oregon. At this moment, we are settled in and soaking up a spectacular Pacific sunset. Life is good and I am enjoying every minute.

Well, maybe not every minute. Baseball is not so good and enjoyment seems rather fleeting at times.

Yes, we got here in time for me to see the Giants lose 3-0 to the Braves on national TV.  It didn't really surprise me. Tim did pretty good, nothing spectacular, another grind and another loss.  However, I think you may excuse me for NOT GIVING A DAMN.  The Braves looked like the superior team once again and, since the top third of our lineup is toast, they ARE  the superior team. Right now, anyway.

Thank Willie we have a long way to go.  So, maybe it is best to take a break from analyzing and worrying about our beloved boys. I know I am going to go back to that enjoying every minute thing.

Happy Love to all you folks lucky enough to share it with someone special.


nomisnala said...

Although the team did not have any timely hits and not scoring any runs did not help Timmy, but he hurts himself, even though he had a fairly decent outing. Walk the lead off guy each inning, do not hold the base runners on, and then give a two out two strike hit. Seems to be a Timmy formula. He is no longer the Guy that came up years ago. He needs to recoup his dominant pitching career, by enhancing his control, pitch selection, concentration, and hold the freaking runners on base. Seems he is too talented to be a losing pitcher, but there is a mental aspect of the game which he may not have needed before last year, but he certainly needs it now.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, he was effective even thought he didn't look that good. He still has great stuff. Just needs a new approach. Curt "Motor Mouth" Schilling on the broadcast said he thinks Tim still pitches like he has a 94 mph fastball, which of curse is long gone from the arsenal. The other guy, Teheran, was impressive. Giants looked overmatched. Still, Tim only gave up two, the third came on a really poor effort from Torres in LF.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary!

Brother Bob said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope I'll see you soon.
That was a "quality start?" I suppose technically. He looked like crap. I guess it doesn't matter when we can't score any runs.

Zo said...

Torres was of negative help. Still, Tim used to be able to win when he was not perfect. This was one of those games where he would have had to have been perfect. As teh Chronic points out this morning, we made it through a horrible road trip (with a late night flight home to end it), injured Panda and Scutaro, didn't have Pagan and essentially lost no ground in the NL West. Atlanta looked better, but wasn't that true last year also? We managed to take 4 of 7 from them in this year's head to head competition, but I'm glad that is over with. We stayed at a place in Bandon that was built on the cliff overlooking the ocean - Sunset Oceanfront Motel. Not much of a place to stay, except for the million dollar view.

nomisnala said...

My guess is that the fielding is worse with time on the mound. All those walks, fielders , even major league players lose their concentration.

nomisnala said...

Darn it auto correct put time instead of Tim because I did not make my T, a big T. Sorry, I guess too much watching of Lincecum caused me to lose my concentration, thus I was the victim of my own point.