Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exploding Tim

It looked so good for the first five innings. Tim Lincecum was out-pitching Clayton Kershaw, which is as it should be, after all he has twice as many Cy Young awards. Buster had smote a mighty blast, which is also as it should be.  It felt like 2012 again. Then the sixth inning happened, Tim went BOOM, and it felt like 2013 again.  And, yes, the doggers completed the sweep, 4-2.

The sixth inning nightmare featured 4 consecutive hits, 2 stolen bases, and was topped off by a run scoring wild pitch.  In fact, that pitch was especially noteworthy in that it brought out Bochy with the hook.  It isn't often that a pitcher gets yanked in the middle of a count ( I think it was 2-1) but, as Kuiper said, I really think he was sick of watching Tim pitch.  I guess that makes the Skipper like a lot of us.

I also must vent, for no useful reason, about Hector Sanchez.  I thought we got past the idea that he is capable of catching Tim. Or anybody, actually. If he showed any special hitting ability I might be inclined to be kinder, but there's nuthin' there. He is just another example of our rather weak minor league crop right now. The fact that we repeatedly think he is ready for the Majors is deeply disconcerting to me.

Actually, everything about this season, except Cain and MadBum, is deeply disconcerting to me. Good news: tomorrow's an off day.


nomisnala said...

Not that Timmy is good anymore, but Sanchez should not be catching him. Let Belt figure out how to hit Kershaw. Anyway, this is Kershaw's first win since May 20. lost 6 of 7 to cellar dwellers. Some losses I blame on Bochy. Two losses affected by catches from Venable and Kemp. Losses on wild pitches, passed balls, pick offs, our runners making bonehead plays etc. Doing all the little things to lose. Last year and earlier this year we did all the little things to win. It cannot all be Pagan.

Shankbone said...

Posey needs time off of catching, and you just don't rest your best player. So Brandon Belt will sit. He's actually sat very little. 64 starts in 71 games. Posey has 62 starts at catcher, 6 at first.

That was the 7th start for Hector. And by far the worst, no doubt. Should have gunned Hanley. Should have gunned bunk ass Andre Ethier. And maybe came up with the ball in the dirt.

Still, we have worse problems than how Bochy is handling our best player. The dialogue on twitter/message boards focuses on the differences between Hector and Belt still, but the Giants have moved way beyond that, as evidenced by actual starts, not the knee-jerk every time Hector's name gets into the lineup card. He's a switch hitting catcher, young and every miscue gets dumped into the echo chamber.

M.C. O'Connor said...

HSanchez had a terrible game, no doubt. But he's 23--still young. I'm not ready to give up on Sanchez. Right now he is where he should be, playing backup. I wonder if his throwing shoulder injury is still an issue. He's only had 40 PA and only played 57-2/3 behind the plate, hardly an impact player. Buster does indeed need an occasional break from all the wear and tear of catching.

The team stinks, that's for sure. I hope they get it together soon.

Brother Bob said...

It's time to take the old phrase "June Swoon" out of mothballs and put it back on display.

Zo said...

Man, I already had to spend a couple hours looking at old FJM posts to get through the afternoon. And that was yesterday.

nomisnala said...

Sanchez may still have a bright future with the giants, but he should not be catching Lincecum. No wonder he has not made much progress as a receiver. Just 7 games or so behind the plate some of which is due to injury and time at Fresno. We do have another catcher. He may not hit as well as Sanchez, but he is a better receiver at this time. Belt better not go 3 for 4, because the next game he will sit if there is a tough lefty going that has caused him to struggle in the past. I am a bit more worried about how Bochy is handling the pitching staff, than how he is handling the batting order.