Sunday, June 30, 2013

Giants Win! Be Still My Heart!

FACT:  The Giants won today behind Madison Bumgarner.
FACT:  The score was Giants - 5; Rockies - 2.
FACT:  That is only the 2nd win in their last 10 games, encompassing three series.
FACT:  They have lost 25 of their last 40 games, the worst record in the major leagues.
FACTS:  rbi for Quiroz, Posey (hr), Pence (2-run hr).  12 hits including 3 by Abreu, 2 by Pence and 2 by Quiroz.  Madison Bumgarner threw 104 pitches, allowing only 1 run on a Cargo (CarGo?) home run in 7 innings.  He allowed 4 hits and struck out 5.  Rosario allowed 1 run in the 8th and Romo threw 15 pitches for the save in the 9th.

Other FACTS:  Giants have not put together 5 runs in a game since June 18.
Still more FACTS: Madison has thrown 7 innings in each of his last 4 starts (including today).  In that time, he has allowed 5 earned runs (1.61 era) and 23/28 WHIP (0.82).  In Matt Cain's last 4 starts (including yesterday, in which he pitched damn well and the Giants pissed away what should have been a win), Matt has pitched 27 2/3 innings and allowed 6 earned runs (1.95 era) and 20/27.67 WHIP (0.72) although 3 have been home runs.  In that time, Madison is 3-1, Matt is 1-1.  Tim Lincecum has allowed 11 earned runs in 23 innings in his last 4 starts (4.30 era) and 36/23 WHIP (1.57).  Barry Zito has allowed 15 in 22 2/3 innings (5.96 era)(his start in Pittsburgh was a real stinker) and 41/22.67 WHIP (1.81).  Both Tim and Barry look better in their last 3 starts than in their last 4.

I guess I have strayed into opinion, so I might as well continue.  Hunter Pence has been slumpy lately, but he broke out of it today.  It needs to continue.  Buster is a God (this could go in the FACTS section).  Sandoval picked up a single today, only his third hit (all singles) since he came off the DL.  Last night Andes Torres switched to bat left-handed to face a righty, Belisle, after he had 3 hits from the right side of the plate.  His batting average from the right is .337, from the left it is .212.  Maybe he should consider batting from the right side no matter who is pitching.

One more FACT:  The Giants are half-way though the season and they have a losing record.  They are headed into Cincinnati and it will be a tough series, followed by the doggers, who are breathing their fetid breath down our necks.

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Brother Bob said...

As awful as the Giants have seemed recently, they're only 3 games out of first place. Anything can happen. But we can't afford any more injuries.