Friday, June 28, 2013

Just the Facts, Man

I'm tired of opinions. They are fooking goddamn everywhere. Everybody's got one. You know something? I don't give shit. I don't want to hear it. Get in line. Write a blog. Stick your opinions up your bleeding fecking areshole, mate. I'm so sick of opinions I don't even want to hear my own.

So we are sticking with the facts, here. The Giants got their asses handed to them lost. It was 4-0. They got four hits. And one run. If I had an opinion, I might opine that four runs allowed and five innings pitched by a visiting starter in Denver ain't half bad. But I don't have an opinion and I don't want to hear any fucking opinions. The Giants got four hits. And one run. And they have played 79 games and lost 41 of them.

There, see? Don't you feel better when people stick a sock in it? When they hold back on that verbal diarrhea they can't help spewing? I know I do. The Giants lost Friday night's baseball game in Colorado.


p.s.  I'm off on a two-week holiday, my friends. You won't be hearing anything from me until the middle of July. The rest of the ro' will be chipping in, of course, and they are free to spout whatever the hell they want. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my blog-mates all of our readers and regulars and hecklers and lurkers. In my opinion, you make it all worth it! Thanks for sticking around. See you in a while. GO GIANTS!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Nice piece on Marco Scutaro.

nomisnala said...

Will miss your posts. Enjoy your time will look forward to your wisdom in a few weeks. Not sure what is going on with the giants but even sell out crowds do not seem to energize these guys. Finally Posey is hitting, and no one else is. Crawford has been particularly unclutch. The pitching is medocre and they are not hitting any more.

nomisnala said...

Just a post on the day Cain just pitched. Nicely pitched except for that hanging curve in the first inning with two out and two strikes and a man on third. After that he was Mr. No Hit Cain. But Affeldt for the third time in the last two weeks gave it away. Don't know why Bochy left him in after the walk. He allowed the stolen base, and boom a 2-2 well stroked single to a right hander up the middle and the weak armed Blanco in Center.