Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ray of Sunshine Tim

Momentum can be a real bitch in this silly game of ours.  Disgusting fishy franchises keep slapping us around at home (in our orange, no less!) as the Marlins beat us 6-3 for the fifty second straight time at home, give or take a few. Injuries keep mounting, this time it is a bruised knee for Andres Torres. Bullpen performances keep getting worse and shakier, and, correspondingly, Bochy's decisions get worse and shakier.  Lineups get stranger and weaker, littered with minor leaguers, none of which could possibly be considered to be legit contributors. For the Giants, this entire month has been a slow march to mediocrity and the end of a winning record. Today could be the day we hit .500. It is not a happy time for Giants fans.

Which bring us to the Giants poster child of despair: Tim Lincecum. It is probably not too shocking in this silly game of ours, that HE is actually looking better!  As the team spirals downward, his momentum seems to be going the right way. Three quality starts out of the last four, not Cy Young material, but a solid month. Tonight Tim got through seven innings and finished with eight K's and only one walk. Sure, it wasn't perfect, a couple hangers got hit real hard, but he seems to have a clue on the mound lately.  I am no longer terrified to see him take the mound, so that's a real nice improvement.

So you can see another important thing about momentum, it changes. Maybe, just like Tim, the Giants, as a team, can turn this ship around. I fear we haven't seen the worse yet, hard to believe, I know.  But it will change. Good times are ahead.  Right?

Happy Summer, Everybody!


Zo said...

Excellent comment. Perhaps that is what getting away for a few days can do for one's perspective. The game last night was terrible - just terrible. Except Tim wasn't all that bad. And if they could have a reliable bullpen so as to take him out after 6, he would have looked real good.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Missed Tim. Got home to watch the bullpen implosion. Yikes! What's up with the team? Giants need some wins, and pronto.