Monday, June 24, 2013

The Pain Continues

Another loss to cellar-dwelling scum.  We have most of our hitters, but with the chances they had (and there were plenty) they did nothing.  The Giants faced Hyn-Jin Ryu, who relies on his change-up on a night that he could not throw it for a strike.  The Giants managed 8 hits on the night, but only one run, Joaquin Arias scoring on an Andres Torres double, only to come up hurt with a strained hamstring.  The Giants AGAIN wasted beautiful pitching from Madison Bumgarner, who pitched, ill-advisedly, into the 8th inning.

Maddy only gave up one hit through 5 innings, but it was a home run to  Yasiel Puig.  He got the second hit, too, in the 6th inning but was stranded.  In the 7th, Maddy kept the ball down but gave up 2 singles.  He got through that inning with no runs scored, but it fell apart in the 8th.  Nick Punto doubled and then went to third on Maddy's errant throw to first base that pulled Marco Scutaro off the bag, vertically, by about 3 feet.  George Kontos came in, and BANG! the game was out of hand on two pitches.  Final score, 3-1.  What's more, Pagan will need surgery may be out the rest of the season.  Chad Gaudin goes on the DL, so Mike Kickham will be our starter tomorrow.

I leave you with the question, what's worse, to lose to the scum-suckers, or to the worst team in the major leagues?


M.C. O'Connor said...

A healthy and well-performing bullpen and Maddy sits after seven. This was another winnable game--someone in the lineup needed to get a fucking clutch hit.

Ron said...

Sandoval got the clutch hit - Posey inexplicably hit a bizarre corner of 3rd base (outside corner of the bag, closest to home plate) & fell down. Otherwise, we take the lead & have a threat still intact. Instead, no one scored, & Crawford hit into the 1-2-3 double play. That was the clutch hit wasted, & the game frittered away.

We now need to make 2 moves: Starting Pitcher & OF w/ some power. Blanco's an OK fill-in for Pagan, but Torres is pure 4th outfielder.

Zo said...

There was also the out in the 8th that wasn't called. Which gave the blue poo a fourth out that inning.

Zo said...

I think that if there is any move that we need to make, it is in the bullpen. The Giants are really good at bringing guys up and down, last night it didn't work with the Machi down, Kontos up strategy. But Rosario, for example, has worked very well. But all in all, it is just not holding when we need it to. Sadly, it has to be about perfect with our current lack of offense.

Brother Bob said...

How about that Puig guy? Man is he impressive. Too bad he's a Dodger.

Ron said...

How is it that the Giants have had to face Kershaw in every series since 1977? Aren't the odds on that a bit long? It's uncanny how that keeps happening.

Shankbone said...

4 winnable losses in the past 5. Frickin' dead zone. Need a breeze to get this boat moving.

The thing that is a bit poor about losing Pagan is he's a fiery guy, you see it once in a while. The Giants have a whole lot of boy scouts. They need a little bit of fire to go with all this backbone.

Hey, the starters are getting right! Now the bats and the pen are the problem, but at least our strength is righting itself.

(Ducks for Kickham part 2)
(Get that bullpen ready Bochy)
(Don't lose to the frickin' Bums again)

nomisnala said...

I thought Torres had a good game. He had a some hits. and he made some really good catches in left field perhaps saving us some runs and Bummy some hits. But Bumgarner had great stuff yesterday. often hitting 95MPH but he had a strike zone smaller than a dime.

nomisnala said...

Bochy's bullpen decisions that last week or two have really been easy to second guess. Often even before the pitcher comes in you know the move is a bad one.