Friday, June 14, 2013

When Pitching is good, the Giants win. When the Giants win, Life is good.

Ergo, Pitching is life.

Madison Bumgarner threw 7 beautiful innings in Atlanta tonight to back up Matt Cain's fabulous game yesterday.  Maddy did not allow a baserunner until the 5th, did not allow a hit until the 6th and allowed only two inconsequential singles on the night.  He threw 108 pitches, 67 of them for strikes (seems a bit low considering the way he was sitting Braves down).  Maddy struck out 10 and walked 1.  You may remember that Matt Cain only gave up 2 hits last night.  The recently returned Sandro Rosario threw 2 innings, allowing 1 hit but no runs to finish the game: San Francisco 6, Atlanta 0.  Could it be that our pitching is starting to come together?  Nothing quite like our two aces being solid to make the Giants' troubles look - less troubling.

Buster Posey hit 3 doubles.  Doubles were also hit by Hunter Pence, Brandon Crawford and Joaquin Arias.  Doubles are good.  Gregor Blanco hit a home run to lead off the game, and make himself look better than a platoon outfielder.   Brandon Crawford looked fabulous with the glove.  That, my friends, is the way to start off a series.


Zo said...

ps. Colorado, Arizona and the smog-suckers lost.

nomisnala said...

Lets hope Gaudin can keep it going, and have Timmy, Vogelsong and Zito, worried about going to the pen.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Life is good. Keep it rollin', Giants!!