Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FNGs Rock the House

Roger Kieschnick certainly had fun on his debut (2H, 2RBI), Brett Pill had a career night (3H, 2R, HR, 4RBI), and Chad Gaudin pitched another great game (7IP, 4H, 1R, 5K, GameScore 69). He also managed his first ever RBI hit! The Giants stomped all over the Phillies with nine runs on 15 hits including their first home runs since the Arizona series. It was therapy, man. The team did not make an error in the field or on the bases. They played good baseball. They vanquished their foe in under three hours, only allowing seven baserunners. The only bad thing that happened was Pablo Sandoval, after two hits and two runs scored, left the game with an injury. It's part of the Panda package, unfortunately. He's an injury-prone player. This one looks minor. I think the Giants should stick with him another year. I think he will bounce back in 2014 and do his magic. Hell, I think he'll get hot down the final stretch of this season. It won't matter as much, of course, but it would bode well for the future. The Giants did not do anything at the deadline, which makes me happy. Not happy, really, but relieved. I didn't see or hear any attractive scenarios, and I didn't want the team to do anything crazy or stupid. If we thought the 2013 Giants had all the pieces to defend, why can't we believe the 2014 Giants have all the pieces to contend?

The club finishes July with an 8-17 record (.320). That's about as bad as a major league team can play. Let's hope flipping the calendar make things better.




nomisnala said...

I think gaudin is soon going to earn a giants blog named after him. Vegas problems or not.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It's a Chad, Chad, Chad World?

That could be a lot of fun. My mom tells me he has a house in Benicia. That's the town I grew up in (she still lives there).

Brother Bob said...

I liked the stories about how happy Pence & Lopez were to still be Giants. There's still a positive vibe in the clubhouse.

Zo said...

Gaudin Heaven Above?
Fear the (small red) Beard?
Mad About Chad?

He's looking more and more like a potential starter for next year, just as Zito is looking less like one. The fact that Pence and Lopez are happy to remain Giants shows that they think the team has more upside than downside. Maybe they can string together a few wins. June and July were so bad that it is unlikely that they can recover, but lets take things one game at a time. .500 is something to shoot for.

SIR said...

Gau Din = Go Dan of course!

Shankbone said...

The FNG's Rocked it again...