Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Even Close to Good Enough Tim

There is no way I am going to write about this game. Congrats and all that crap. For some strange reason if you would like to read about it, here's the frigging game info.

It officially can't get worse than that, right?


Zo said...

Umm, yeah. We are now virtually tied for last place.

Shankbone said...

Rock bottom. Gotta be.

Brother Bob said...

Dumb trivia- the last 3 pitchers to no-hit us were all named Kevin- Millwood in '03, Brown in '97, and Gross in '92.

Ron said...

Sabean has made some sort of statement about only suckers making moves before the deadline. At one point, DOES the situation become desperate enough to have to do so. We are awful right now. It was a joke that Posey was Player-of-the-Week during a week that we sank like a stone. We need to do something - there are people available, & we don't have to give up the farm to improve, because anything would be an improvement.

On another note, Sandoval has looked fatter & more out-of-shape than ever since coming off of the DL. He has also produced absolutely nothing. Despite the team sucking due to the Posey injury, Sandoval's best year was 2011, when he was actually in shape. Why is that never pointed out?

nomisnala said...

Dback go 2-8 in their last ten games and pick up a game on the giants in the standings.

Anonymous said...

Sandoval has looked fatter & more out-of-shape than ever

Fully agree.

All a professional athlete can control is preparation - be in shape, show up on time.

Him being 100lb over playing weight is an insult to teammates who put in time & effort to optimally perform, and fans who spend money to watch.

Pablo is by no means the entire problem, it's just difficult to ignore.