Saturday, July 20, 2013

One down, five-and-a-half to go

Chad Gaudin has been in pro ball since he was drafted out of high school in 2001 by the Rays. He made the majors in 2003 when he was only 20. He was traded to the Blue Jays in 2005 and later that year to the A's. In 2008 he was traded to the Cubs. In 2009 they let him go, he was signed by the Padres, then he was sold to the Yankees. Then these things happened:

And last night he pitched a whale of a ballgame (GameScore 79) against the Diamondbacks, the first place team in the West, the team the Giants are chasing. It was a bit of old school Giants: starting pitching and just barely enough hitting, big plays in the field, and MixMaster Boch a-bullpenning with abandon, just to add a little spice. Five guys to get six outs. And Santiago Casilla walking the bases loaded to get to Paul Goldschmidt. But it worked, and the Giants got a much-needed win. I'm glad to see Casilla back, he is a key guy in the 'pen and has made big contributions since he's been on the team. But the story is Chad Gaudin and seven starts since June with only one stinker. The 2013 club needs an inspirational scrap heap Ryan Vogelsong kind of story, and I think they've got it. Keep it rolling, lad.

Matt Cain tonight. I never used to worry about Matt Cain. He was Mr. Consistency. He threw Matt Cain starts over and over again. This season, something weird is happening. It's not that he isn't throwing good starts. He is. He just mixes in these godawful ones with alarming frequency. His best start of the year was in Colorado at the end of June, then he pitched two games at home in July in which he gave up 11 runs in three innings. Weird, man. I just don't know what to think. I just want my Matt Cain to get back to normal. So go get 'em Matty, make it four-and-a-half and get those Snake-y fellows wondering if the Giants have 'em snakebit.




nomisnala said...

Arizona did hit quite a few balls hard, especially off of the group of relievers. But, they could not hit them far enough away from our fielders. Last night actually glad Pagan was not out there when Cody Ross hit a screeching liner, that had fire coming out of the ball like a tail on a comet or meteor, or whatever. Luck actually went our way, even after Belt misplayed his position on a bunt. Or maybe it was Scutaro who misplayed his position. The always giant killing Goldschmidt, did not come through last night, even though he did hit the ball hard a few times. When will Crawford start hitting in the clutch?

JC Parsons said...

Today feels way too big for a July game, but it really is significant isn't it? Matt is the heart of the team, we can't weather a bad, or even mediocre year from him. But if he recovers....and Tim gets his freak back on....we are right back to being contenders. It pretty much starts today, if the snakes school our boy at home it would be a body blow that might lead to a panic. Bad trades would ensue. No pressure, Matt. Lead us to salvation, once again.