Monday, July 22, 2013


Crushed. Routed. Destroyed. Shellacked. You pick the word, the last choice is flashy, but it still adds up to the Reds winning, 11-0.  Yet another 2013 Giants game that is well worth forgetting.  Oh, if only we could.

This crappy game which leaves us 8 games below .500 turns out to be rather historic for losing starter Tim Lincecum.  Not good historic, like a no-hitter, bad historic, like a new career high with 8 runs allowed in a putrid 3.2 innings. He also gave up three homers, something he has only done a few times before. This follows his July 13 masterpiece, his 148 pitch masterpiece. You can bet many pundits are going to go after that big number to explain tonight, and definitely if Tim goes back in the tank. Do I think the huge pitch count is to blame? Nahhh, Tim is just a frigging head case.

A real double header tomorrow. One of the games is making up the rain out in Cincinnati so we are wearing away uniforms and batting first.  Yet it counts as a home game in the final stats. 82 home games this year. Weird, huh?


Anonymous said...

Despite the no no, his starts are still like watching a blind epileptic trying to disarm a bomb while wearing boxing gloves and doing the macarena.

M.C. O'Connor said...

That's a hell of an image. I disagree, only slightly. Watching that GAME and the entire TEAM was like that. Yeah, Tim stunk, but he had lots of help from his friends.

I don't get it. What happened to the ballclub? OK, fine, they aren't going to win the World Series every year. I get that. But to play this poorly? If the Giants were in the East, they'd be 10-1/2 back. In the Central, 14-1/2. But it's the Merry, Merry West and they are only 6 out, so we cling to hope. After all, the Dodgers were in last place on June 30th. They've gone 13-4 since and are now in first.

Man, this miasma of mediocrity that has enveloped the team is weird. What the hell happened? Are they ever going to have a 13-4 run?

Time for these guys to get it fucking together!!!!

Zo said...

"Earned runs" are harsh. It would have been helpful if Blanco and Torres could have been able to catch the ball like we know they can. Although once those unearned earned runs were in, it didn't make much difference if the team throws up goose eggs. Sunday's ninth inning was sort of a contest between Arizona trying to give us runs and us trying not to score, but we wound up with one. Legitimate runs - 18 innings without one.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't believe in "earned" runs or "unearned" runs. Runs is runs. Ya get more and ya give up less, ya wins da game.