Friday, August 30, 2013

Crafty Tim

The Giants picked up their 60th win (pity it came a couple months too late) with a slick 1-0 win against the snakes. Those guys are still in the Wild Card hunt (lost a game to the Reds) so it must have really hurt. Ooooh, poor little reptiles.

Big story lines:  1) Tim Lincecum goes a solid six innings, spreading six hits (one double) and two walks expertly.  Tim may be getting the hang of this "crafty" thing. 2) Angel Pagan returns with a nifty first inning double (first swing!), move to third with a Scutaro bunt,  slide home with the ONLY RUN on a sac fly from Belt. Too sweet! 3) Pablo Sandoval continues to look like he wants to finish strong with a great defensive game. His sixth inning play saved the game. Simple as that. Maybe he can keep that extra weight off. Maybe monkeys will fly out my butt.

This game sure brings up the question,"Just how frigging important is Angel Pagan to our success?"  I mean, come on, his first game back and we reset to a classic Giants win formula.  Solid start, wicked defense, slick relief, and just-barely-enough offense.  Those were the days... but certainly not 2013. I know it can't be all on Angel's shoulders, yet it is still a worthy question. After all, we may go from best to last. Did that lovely inside the park home run really cost us a chance?


M.C. O'Connor said...

Is it still the same rock band if they lose the lead vocalist?

It's sort of how I view Pagan. He's the one in the fringe and boots that struts around waving a mic and saying "Helloooooooooo Phoenix!!" And proceeds to rock the house.

No, of course it ain't one guy. But it sure was nice to have him back. Good glove all around. Sweet play by Scutaro in the 1st, fabulous over-the-shoulder back-to-the-plate grab from BCraw, Buster threw a guy out, etc. Three hits, fer chrissakes. We've seen them blow those 1-run leads a lot this year--just ask MadBum. Tonight, though, it all worked out.

Brother Bob said...

There's a long list of reasons why the Giants have been losing this year. Pagan's injury has to be #1.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'd agree with you if Pagan were a pitcher. Giants have allowed 591 runs, 4th-most in the NL.

nomisnala said...

Agree, Pagan could be Bonds this year and with our pitching we still do not compete. aybe it was pagan's inside the Parker, but the turn around moment for me was Bochy leaving Affeldt in to pitch to Goldschmidt. It all went downhill from there!