Saturday, August 24, 2013


Dave Flemming said he was shocked.  Mike Krukow agreed.  I bet the fans going home from the Phone were shocked.  Unless they were numb.  Or expected the outcome with 1 run of support.  Madison Bumgarner pitched scoreless ball into the 7th, when, following singles by Gaby Sanchez and Josh Harrison, Clint Barmes golfed a low, inside pitch that was probably not a strike over the far right field wall for 3 runs.  It was enough for a final score of 3-1.  The Giants scored 1 run off of Ground Chuck Morton, but probably didn't deserve that.  Posey doubled in the fourth, then took third on a wild pitch and scored on a Roger the K pop fly to left that fell within feet of 3 Pirates.

Madison allowed 7 hits and walked 4 to Morton's 7 hits (plus 1 by the closer, Mark Melancon) and 1 walk.  Before tonight, the Giants have not won when Madison has been on the mound since August 2.  Madison has 2 L including last night's.  In the four starts including last night, he has given up 12 runs (not all of them earned), and the Giants have scored 5 runs. In four games.  Cained!  And speaking of Matt, he is now on the DL for the first time.  He had the third most IP without a miss before now.

The Pirates are headed for the playoffs.  And, they are close to a certainty to finish the year at over .500.  That will be the first time in 20 years that has happened.  20 years!  Barry Bonds was a Pirate the last time they were over .500.  I guess we should be grateful to have watched so many years of competitive baseball.  Even though we are not doing it this year.


Zo said...

That is, 5 runs when Madison has been the pitcher of record.

Anonymous said...

Barmes home run went over the LEFT field fence, mot the right.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't get it. Why does Clint Barmes smack a clutch homer and NO ONE on the Giants does? Teams routinely hit home runs in SF--teams not named the Giants. I'm sick of hearing about how PhoneCo suppresses the long ball because none of the other teams or hitters in baseball seem to think so.

Barmes hit 23 HR one year (3009, age 30), but his lifetime SLG is .385! It's not like the guy is a power threat. And as you point out, he golfed an inside pitch that was diving in to him, well off the plate. It's like he was looking to do that particular thing, knowing it was the shortest route to the fence. I don't understand why Giants hitters can't deliver knock-out hits like that--hell, it's their yard!!!

Man, I hate wasted starts. Early in the year, the Giants were winning despite bad starting pitching (except Bumgarner). Then the staring pitching got better, and the team started losing. And losing. None of the other parts of the equation (hitting, bullpen, fielding, baserunning) ever got on track. God, what a wretched season.

M.C. O'Connor said...

LF, yep.

339 feet to the fair pole. RF is 309 feet, but it's got the high (25') wall. I'm surprised more RH hitters don't try to yank it down there, kind of like LH hitters in Chavez LAtrine going for that short porch in RF.

Zo said...

@ Anon - I stand corrected. Brain cramp. Barmes bats right. A 5 iron to right field would be odd.