Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Bubble Pops

Not a very big bubble, to be sure.  But for a while there, I had fantasies of sweeping the series - and it would have been a fitting way for the Giants to chalk up one strike of redemption.  The Marlins were the worst team in the National League when they took apart the Giants in June, and the Giants have gone down hill since.  If they could only have swept them, they would have had 4 wins in a row and ended the road trip on the winning side.

No.  Of course not.  Not this year.  As small as that fantasy was, it was not to be.  The Giants lost to the Marlins, looked bad doing it and lost the season series to the worst team in the National League.  The Giants could well be the worst, I think they have been in July and August, but they won in the early part of the season, so overall they are at a crisp .447 against the Marlins' .385.  There are less than 40 games left.

Madison Bumgarner went 5, gave up 4 before our usual parade of faux-relievers.  There were plenty of hits, 3 for Gregor Blanco, 2 each for Brandon Crawford, Hector Sanchez, Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval.  Pence and Crawford homered.  Some weirdness, too.  A walk that turned into a wild pitch to score a run, I think.  2 errors.  13 Giants' hits in all, but only 1 for 11 with RISP.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your 2013 San Francisco Giants.


M.C. O'Connor said...


Brother Bob said...

Loss number 68 matches their total for last season. Oy vey.

nomisnala said...

Now they play Boston and a starting pitcher in Lester who is not the same guy they faced the last time they saw him. Boston played a very late game last night, and had to fly to SF today. They should be tired, so what do the giants do in the first inning. Instead of having a long inning, and weakening those Boston legs out in the field, Giants go down on 6 pitches. Then in the second our multi-million dollar battery has a balk, and a catchers interference. This team continues to play sloppy baseball. Eckersley is criticizing some of the smaller giants players like Scutaro, for swinging for the fences. I think he is right. Also, look at what some former giants did tonight, including Beltran, Schierholtz, Pierzinski, Uribe. How about some of the guys we kept having a good day today. Another interesting sidebar on this game, is that Boston shows a pitch tracker on every pitch, and clearly Lester is getting more called strikes on pitches out of the K zone, and Lincecum is getting less called strikes on pitches inside the strike zone. That is Boston's own pitch tracker.

nomisnala said...

There is no need to play Franceour. Might as well bring up Perez or Pequero. It is now 4-0 Boston.