Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four in a Row

The Giants continue their strong play of late (10-6 for September) and win the opener in New York. Zack Wheeler walked six in five innings of work and wound up with one of the worst starts (Game Score 42) of his impressive rookie season. Yeah, it would be great to have his arm in the mix, but that's ancient history. The Mets looked bad tonight, but they hope they've got two young aces (the other is Matt Harvey, if you haven't yet heard of him) to build a new club around. We'll see. The Giants have to be happy that Yusmeiro Petit is hanging tough, he looks like a legit 5th starter for 2014. Angel Pagan seemed happy to be back in Citi Field, banging out a single, a home run, and a triple to lead the offense. Oh, he also walked twice, scored three, and drove in three. Not bad. His current .289/.344/.423 line would look very nice at the top of the lineup for a whole season, don't you think?

Matt Cain goes tomorrow against Aaron Harang. Tonight I only caught the last two innings as duty called and had me stuck in a room until almost 7 p.m. PDT. Tomorrow I got some personal chores, man, and will likely miss most of Matty's start. But I'll knock out a few thoughts later on, don't you worry. Not much season left to write about, eh?




nomisnala said...

Notice how lately the giants have been taking more walks. They are then seeing more good pitches to hit, and winning games. They needed to start doing that in June.

Shankbone said...

Angel Pagan says hello to the Mets! Sandy Alderson ain't always a genius.

nomisnala said...

The giants just don't want Matt Cain to ever win another game.