Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yanks Thump Giants

Ryan Vogelsong had another bad outing. Just when I was getting excited about him rediscovering his winning form, he runs off a bunch of mediocre-to-bad starts. Baseball is a reminder that we are all full of shit. The Giants are now, once again, tied for last place. If they win three more games, and finish 74-88, they will be the 2013 version of the 1991 Cincinnati Reds. The 1990 Reds (91-71) were World Series Champions. The 1991 Reds finished next-to-last with a 74-88 (.457) record. Oh, the things we fans cling to!

The Yankees are fighting for a Wild Card spot. They have to run the table to have a chance as the Rays, Indians, and Rangers are ahead of them, and the Royals are in a virtual tie. They probably won't make it, but weirder things have happened. The Giants are playing to stay out of the cellar. Wild card aspirations >> not finishing last. Goddamn, it is painful to watch our boys. Buster Posey looks terrible. That finger injury has really hurt his play. Hunter Pence has cooled off. Pablo Sandoval can't stay healthy. I could go on, but you already know the rest.

Yusmeiro Petit gets a matchup with the ageless wonder Andy Pettitte. I should be able to do something clever and funny the name thing, but I'd have to be clever and funny. Pa-TEET and PET-it. Hmmm. C'mon, me buckos, help me out here. You could make a Hall of Fame case for the big southpaw from Baton Rouge. He says he's going to retire after this season.

Let's go, Giants. Win at least one goddamn game in Yankee Stadium!



nomisnala said...

Maybe this time Andy P. will really retire? Maybe? Of course it would not be time to retire, until he tosses a perfect game vs. the giants in late September, with Rod Stewart in the stands, thinking he is at a soccer game.

Zo said...

I know the Yankees have something to play for and the Giants do not, but still - 11 to 1 so far.......

M.C. O'Connor said...

Mets shut down Zack Wheeler.