Saturday, July 11, 2015

How 'bout a little offense?

That's more like it. Let's see some more of that, lads.




JC Parsons said...

I'm not sure if I have ever seen one of those with THREE players having FOUR hits each. Impressive. Most of that was against a real pitcher too. I wonder if the Giants will still be interested in getting Hamels after that. One way of looking at it is that he got that out of his system, right?

I don't mean to be a poop head, but another thing that jumps out at me is the big 0 fer 4 next to BCraw. He did not join the party yesterday and his batting average is getting close to .250. It is safe to say that his great start has cooled. Every other year he has never really regathered after things got tough. Right now that same thing looks like it is happening again. He has obviously shown great strides at the plate but the biggest thing he needs is to avoid the lengthy slumps and gain consistency. It looked like that was going to happen until about a month ago, now I fear his offensive season is teetering on the edge. Please convince me I'm wrong. I really kinda wish he had the AllStar break to rest and regroup. Oh well, I worry.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sure, he's slumping. Everybody slumps. So I say forget about that. Instead, go look at his career progression as a hitter. He get gets better every year. The demands of his position will indeed wear on him, much like Buster, and so his offense will suffer as the season wears on. But, funny thing is, his best month in 2014 (.928 OPS!) was September. BCraw can hit. That's not a question in my mind. Lineup engines rarely fire on all cylinders--his turn will come.

Don't give in to worry. Embrace confidence. Be Pencian, i.e. relentlessly optimistic, in your outlook. These are not the Giants of yesteryear that we suffered with in cold Candlestick. This is a whole new franchise, re-invented for the 21st century.

nomisnala said...

Looks like Crawford has become home run swing happy. I hope
he gets back to the basics of going with the pitch. Otherwise
he will be right back to the 250 hitter he has been througout
his career, with a tad and a half more power. Now that McGehee
is back with the fish he is starting to hit, perhaps that portends
Michael Morse coming back to SF.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

McGehee was actually hitting well since returning to the team, only Duffy was hitting so much better and fielding so much better, that the Giants wisely kept him in the lineup. Just because he was Wally Pipped did not mean that McGehee wasn't any good, now that he was healthy again (most people forget he was playing on one leg early on, but was trying to play with it).

I see no reason to bring Morse back unless 1) Aoki isn't coming back soon or 2) they are playing Morse in LF and Aoki in CF, making Pagan a 4th OF.

I think Crawford is just getting tired. Hopefully Bochy starts starting Adrianza at SS to give BCraw rest and get back his bat. And, what MC said :^)

nomisnala said...

Craw going to all star game, less rest than usual. See he tried
a different approach Sat. night. Thank goodness. Even a bunt