Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On to July

Ryan Vogelsong wasn't sharp and the Giants got Latos-ed in Miami. They had a chance to un-swoon their June with a win: they finish the month 12-14. This team likes to tease us by inching ever closer to first place and then falling back. The Dodgers win instead and they hike their lead to 1-1/2 games. I say it all the time, but I'll say it again, if you had told me in March that the Giants would be within a few games of LA on the first of July I'd have been happy.

Buster Posey who homered in the 3rd, had a great sequence in the 6th when he hit a ball in the gap and went for two, much to the surprise of the outfielders. It took a spectacular head-first hook slide from our lumbering catcher to avoid the diving tag from second baseman Dee Gordon. Posey went to third on an out and then with beautiful anticipation dashed home on a wild pitch, just sliding under Latos' tag. He looked positively nimble there! It made a 4-2 game 4-3, giving hope, but that was all she wrote for SF. Just a reminder what a great ballplayer Buster is, as if we needed reminding. I was surprised Gordon's inside-the-park homer was his first. That guy should get one of those every month.


Go Giants!



Ron said...

I interrupt everyone's somber mood this morning for a Stadium Announcement from Opening Day 2025:

'Batting third for the Giants, the reigning MVP, 3-time All-Star, 4-time Gold Glove winner, the Shortstop ... Lucius Fox!!!!!'

The newest Giant is considered a 5-tool stud, & we snapped him up right out of the Dodgers' greedy hands. So, it's still a good day to be a Giants' Fan.

And ... Matt Cain starts!!!!!

carmot said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'd written that he was the one I'd most bet money on us signing. And I think about BatKid! He's gonna be elated. Lucius already has some very nice skills to build off of. We've got guys playing a little corner outfield and a little middle infield (like Hunter Cole and Austin Slater). Time for a CF/MI guy.

Maybe the reason they've kinda held the logjam at the AZL was to leave room for Fox at Salem-Kaiser? Gustavo Cabrera got promoted to Augusta, but is still on the DL. AZL Giants still have 3+ center fielders that are sharing duties: Mikey Edie, Roger Edwards, Jean Angomas- and Byron Murray already started one game in CF, too. I'm guessing they'll want to play new draftee Jalen Miller at SS a lot in the AZL.

Knowing how big of fans y'all (we're all) of Matt Cain... I sure hope this is the rejuvenation of his great self. Excited for it! Cheers. Dream big.

JC Parsons said...

Based on his name alone, Lucius Fox, he is ready to play now. I know that is not very scientific but , come on, that's a big league name!

It is hard to believe how long it has been since Matt Cain last pitched. It is even harder to believe how well we did without him. What a boost a solid Cain will be! It is all starting to come back....absolute team leader, consistent high quality performance, and the poise and calm demeanor of a pure baseball God. Oh yeah, one other lack of run support. Remember that? Silly question. If you are like me, you are fully prepared for Matt to pitch well today but get no help from the offense. Yep, an actual Caining, not like all those other no run support games in the last year. A boring prediction, I know, so I figure if I say it out loud that will guarantee it doesn't happen that way. Got that?

Both teams' starters will be on short leashes today. This game will likely be won in the bullpen, a scary notion at the moment. Hey it is almost GAME TIME. Crazy morning start! Go Matt! Go Giants!